Can you help with an appology letter?

Can you help with an appology letter? Topic: How to write a letter to your best friend saying sorry
June 26, 2019 / By Jerahmeel
Question: I havent spoken to my sister in 6 months. We were best friends. Its a huge family dispute and she has decided to dis-own the entire family. Meaning she wont speak to our parents or other siblings either. Anything that you can think that I can write or say. & please dont tell me to go talk to her in person because i cant she moved & didnt give us a forwarding address & will not answer phone calls. So Im going to make a last attempt and send her an email because I know she will read it even if she doesnt respond. She has 2 kids that Im not allowed to see & she is currently pregnant & im not involved in the pregnancy I dont know when she is due or if its a boy or girl or anything & im very heart broken/ upset over this.
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Best Answers: Can you help with an appology letter?

Gerald Gerald | 1 day ago
Just be honest about how heart-broken you are that she's not in your life. That should be the first part of the letter. Next, you need to apologize for whatever the disagreement was, even if you aren't sorry. Sometimes, it's best to say you're sorry if only to mend a broken relationship with someone important to you. Third, tell her about some good memories you have about being together. This is key. Make sure she knows how much you miss spending time together. Was there a holiday you spent together that was extra special? Did you ever get in and out of trouble together? Did you ever bake a cake or fix a car or pull an all-nighter together? Any fond memories will work. Last, you need to tell her how important it is to you that you have the opportunity to make new memories together in the future. Tell her how much you want to spend time with her and her family. Make sure she knows that you want nothing more than to be best friends again because you miss how close you were and you aren't okay with giving that up. I hope that's helpful!
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Dishan Dishan
Tell her that ur still family and that ur trying to make an effort to patch things up so why can't she just talk to u ur not asking her to become best friends with the whole family again explain how u want to talk to her and that u love her remind her of the good times u had when u were best friends and that u miss it she can't live without someone from her family forever... Hope tis helps and good luck:)
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Bobbi Bobbi
Dear Sis, there is a big hole im my life now that you are not in it.I understand that you are hurting and dont want any communication with me and our family..I just want you to know how I feel....we use to be Bf..I really miss our talks and time together.I want to see my niece/nephewsws I want to meet the new baby and be a part of your families life...Please contact me..I really miss you. good luck just make her understand how much you miss her....and that you expect nothing from her
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Acklie Acklie
As long as the dispute was not with you personally. Just write to her and tell her how you feel and that you miss her
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Stacie Stacie
I would love to help and I love to write. I have written more than one letter of apology in my time due to family issues, etc...I am not sure what time zone you are in but how soon would you like to have the letter?
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