My browser has been freezing?

My browser has been freezing? Topic: Method problem solving using computers
July 17, 2019 / By Katryna
Question: We just bought a bundle of internet security with Webroot and ever since we got it, my browser (Firefox 4) has been running very slow and freezes, and sometimes it refuses to let me switch tabs while one is loading. It never used to do that before. What can I do to resolve this problem?
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Hollie Hollie | 10 days ago
Uninstall unwanted add-ons: First thing that you should do to fix Mozilla Firefox crashes is to uninstall unwanted add-ons installed. Some websites forcefully install toolbars or add-ons that cause your browser to crash often. Scan System for viruses: If you don't have antivirus installed on your system then malware can intercept smooth communication of browser and operating system. Also make sure that antivirus program that you are using is updated. Remember to clean your system with some powerful antivirus program. Fix Windows Registry: Browser related setting is stored in the registry database of operating system. You may receive various problems when registry entries related to browser are corrupted, missing or damaged. There are two methods to fix this problem. One of them is to manually modify your registry and another is to use third party registry cleaner and PC optimizer software. Manual modification is not recommended as it is complicated. You may opt for second method that is to use third party registry cleaner and PC optimizer. Update Drivers: If Mozilla keeps crashing it could be your outdated drivers causing problem. To solve this problem, update your device drivers. Here are steps to do so: 1. Right click on My Computer. 2. Select properties in the dropdown. 3. Click on Hardware Tab. 4. Now click on Device Manager. 5. Select the device, note down its name. 6. Open web browser. 7. Search for drivers. 8. Restart your computer. 2. To automatically fix Mozilla crashing problem, use this globally known Intel Software Partner, RegInOut. You can stop browser crashes quickly with a single click using this tool.
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Eda Eda
Use CCleaner, Comodo Firewall, and Avast antivirus or AVG antivirus All are free and rate high. Been using it for years and will not slow Firefox browser. Webroot is system resource hogging.
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Chantale Chantale
i agree, use Google chrome and it will help your computer maintain speed... also make sure to keep your computer defragmented and remove unused/trash programs... this will help!
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