Woman and prostitution stats?

Woman and prostitution stats? Topic: The environment today essays
July 18, 2019 / By Lillian
Question: Does anybody know what the statistics are for woman who are in the prostitution business? im looking for it, but can't find it, so anything would be helpful ok im doing an essay about a woman who was in the prostitution business and wondering if the record of how many people were prostitutes in the 1800's compared to today, not that im looking for someone or something.....
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Kaelea Kaelea | 4 days ago
I really dont blame them for becoming prostitutes,you can tell from what environment of family she was raised in,and the neighborhood shes living in,and what kind of friends shes hanging around with,if you really look at them they really dont like what they do,they might not say it,but believe me some have committed suicide coze they know they cant gain respect anymore in there life no matter what.
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Kaelea Originally Answered: Why should prostitution not be legalized?
it takes the fun and danger out of hiring a hooker if it's legal. i want to know that when i'm stepping out on my wife, there's a chance i'll have to call her for bail money and explain the very awkward and painfull truth to her in the prescense of my council.
Kaelea Originally Answered: Why should prostitution not be legalized?
First of all, Philippines, in majority, is a Roman Catholic country, therefore it's not only against laws of the government, it is against the laws of the very foundations of the Church. Even if morality were to be taken away for this matter, it should still remain not legal because for very obvious health reasons. Not only those reasons; it degrades people. You have to be very desperate for you to give in to such a 'job.' Do you think these people also don't have families of their own? Yes, they are onlytrying to make a living but prostitution? It's still no reason on their part to engage to such 'job.' And no, legalizing it will not solve the country's problems of unemployment.

Gwen Gwen
They don't usually register with any kind of agency, ya know? Probably the best place to start would be with local/national police blotters...depending on how large an area you're looking into. You may find out through arrest records, sexually transmitted disease cases, prostitution murders and other negative outlets. Why are you studying this particular subject?
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Dianna Dianna
All women are in the prostitution business in one form or another, men pay for their attention conversation and sex all the time, unless they are lesbian prostitutes. I don't mind coughing up a few bucks for some companionship, if it wasn't for prostitutes there would be a higher rate of suicide in men that couldn't get a date otherwise!
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Dianna Originally Answered: PROSTITUTION IS CANADA?
I always thought that the John's were the victims of prostituion as they are the ones that have to pay. Man and woman both get sex, but the woman get's paid... doesn't really sound like a fair deal to me. Plus, no one calls a drug pusher the victim, the one who sells the drug is the criminal feeding off of the drug addict who buys. Therefore the women (prostitutes) are the criminals.

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