It's my first OFFENSE?

It's my first OFFENSE? Topic: How to write a community service letter to court
June 26, 2019 / By Joab
Question: I got caught trying to shoplift $107 worth of things..I was wondering what kind of consequences there are..and what to do in juvenile court when i get the courtdate in the mail.
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Gordon Gordon | 6 days ago
Depends if it was enough to be considered a felony. I don't think it is in which case you probably with have to be on probation and due community service. Dress nice, and don't mumble in court, that will only piss the judge off. Whatever you do, seem remorseful, and express how you have learned your lesson, and never want to end up in court again. You may also want to think about writing a apology letter to the place you stole from.A simple gesture like that might go a long way. For the future....don't do the crime if you don't wanna do the time..... best of luck!
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Gordon Originally Answered: First Offense Shoplifting?
You say nothing to the judge except to answer his questions. If you don't have an attorney the judge will ask you if you plan to retain counsel, or if you'd like him to assign a public defender. As soon as you have an attorney, you will likely get a plea offer from the DA, who will want to push this case through quickly because it's a nothing little case and he has a zillion of them. Punishments vary from state to state, so without knowing what state you are in, it's hard to say what the possible fine/jail time/etc may be. In most cases for a misdemeanor first offense you should get probation plus restitution. You'll have to pay for the courts time, pay for probation, etc. It will likely be informal probation, meaning you pay your monthly payment to the probation office, and probably send in a questionnaire each month, but you don't have to meet with the PO every month. You'll be instructed of a set of rules for probation, first and foremost of which will be to commit no further crimes, and because it is a theft case, you may have to sign away your fourth amendment rights (meaning the cops can search you whenever they want). It isn't likely you will have to serve any jail time, but community service is a definite possibility also...usually something like picking up the trash on the side of the road. Good luck, glad you've seen the "light" and I hope you stay out of trouble. Oh, and do NOT be late for court...judges hate that.
Gordon Originally Answered: First Offense Shoplifting?
My sister and I were caught at Kohls recently. Police were called. No arrest -first offense ever-we each received citations for about 40.00 something each. We had called municipal court to get court date and clerk told us to just come in and pay the fine or mail it in. I m planning to hire an attorney but My sister's cannot afford to. Can an attorney be offered to her? I have read never to 'plead guilty or no contest' or you cannot get your background criminal record comepletly dismissed destroyed like it never happened. We highly regretted our day started out wth simple lunch and our deep worries and depression over misc family events.We never should have gone anywhere but we did. The LPP also gave the police a video but we were ot allowed to see it. How does that work?

Dudde Dudde
A lot has to do if it's your first offense. When u go to court have your face shaved and your hair very conservative. Needless to say, dress well and try to have both parents w/u. If not your first beef, you'll probably be taking a little trip to "don't drop the soap land" Y.A. is NO fun, Two out of three learn their lesson after something like you are now experiencing, I wonder which category you'll fall into? Change those u hang with.
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Dudde Originally Answered: How do I find out what the offense was?
Wow...thats interesting, and horrible! Can you/he write yahoo customer service regarding that account? I would think they would eventually answer you regarding why they closed it. Are you sure it was because of Answers and not something else? It doesn't sound like good PR to close all account for answering in this type of forum. Oherwise, I am sure many more people will not have accounts with Yahoo...........

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