I need Magazine article Ideas?

I need Magazine article Ideas? Topic: Article writing my school
June 19, 2019 / By Blair
Question: I write a magazine with my friends and we really really really need some ideas! Will you help us with some article ideas we'd really appreciate it! It is a fashion magazine for teenagers
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Aimie Aimie | 1 day ago
It would really help if we knew what type of magazine you wrote... sports, fitness, womans, etc. Can you resubmit this with that in the question? OK... the extra part about it being for teens wasn't on the questions so I'll now add the ideas since it was there when I submitted this statement. For teen girls I would definitely do topics on there needs since a lot of them don't have caretakers that address these topics. For example... The healthiest makeup, tampons, creams and lotions, acne products, etc. What is healthy to eat and how to exercise as a teen. Dressing your best but still staying in style. Boys and any topics about dating and choosing the right one. Drugs, alcohol, smoking. Peer pressure. Have a question/answer section that they can send in their questions and get them answered by a lisenced therapist. How to deal with emotions. PMS or any feminine issues. Body development and when to expect things to happen. Moods, temperment, feelings and how to cope and stay positive in this age. Being successful in school. How to handle stresses at home. What to do when you don't know what to do about something that has happened to you. Sexual abuse. Finding help if you can't go to your caretakers. Dealing with the everyday things in life. Keeping a clean room. Being organized. Excelling as a teenager. How to be obedient when you don't feel like it. Dealing with siblings successfully. Dealing with friends or enemies. Staying out of depression.
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