Sexual activity in children?

Sexual activity in children? Topic: Worst case scenario movie
June 19, 2019 / By Louiza
Question: My almost 6 year old son has just returned from his friends house and has told me that the other boy (7 years old) sucked his penis!! I asked my son if he did it to his friend, but he said no. Is this normal "exploring" for children?? Should I speak to the other child's parents? What should I do?
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Katriona Katriona | 8 days ago
NO! Before you talk to this kids parents, get to know them first! This is NOT normal behavior for a 7-year-old, and for all you know, he could be molested by a family member-maybe his parents. If you tell them without knowing them much better first, it could be very bad for the boy. I would take the sneaky approach to this and tell the school counselor exactly what your son told you. This way someone more professional can figure out tthe best way to go about the situation. And I would not let my son hang out with this boy without your eyes on them at all times. It is not the boys fault, but something taught him to do that, and now it is directly affecting your child. I would guess he saw maybe an older sister or brother, his parents, or a movie doing this, but the worst case scenario, he's being molested or was molested. A 7-year-old of any gender should not be doing those things though. Yes occassionaly an accident happens and they see or hear something they shouldn't-hopefully it is that, but just in case, under your supervision alone can they hang out. I would also interregate your son about it. Find out if his friend said anything to him about where he learned that. Kids talk at that age with little shame, so he may know-if he was sworn to secrecy, tell him it's okay to spill the beans if it is for his friend's sake. You have to find out the truth though. It is your responsibility as an adult and parent to find out if this boy needs help. Serious good luck to you! ********* Just don't freak out on your son! You don't want him thinking sex is horrible and to be ashamed of it! Make sure he knows he needs to be much older before doing anything like that again with ANYONE, but for now, don't do it. You have a very good chance of scarring him for life here! Don't freaak out about this in front of him or you could very well do that! He did nothing wrong and neither did his friend because they didn't know any better-you're not supposed tohave to have a sex talk with kids that young, so I doubt you did. But now you sort of have to go into it-how the human body is beautiful, but that sort of thing is off limits until you understand it and love someone and all that. I'm sorry this happened to you, but you can handle it. And your son will be fine, you'll be fine-just make sure his friend will be okay, too. Right now, he's the main onee I'd be freaking out for. And it doesnn't mean either one is gay-and if they are SOMEDAY, we want our kids to be happy right-our main concern-not to demand they're heterosexual! But this doesn't mean either is gay or headed in that direction! So stop it people!!!!!!!!!
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Hillary Hillary
I would be thinking this other boy has been abused in some ways, its a horrible thing to say but how else would a 7 year old know about that sort of thing? I would not be letting my kids go back there any time soon. And make sure you tell your son that its not ok to do that. No that kind of degree of it is not normal childish discovery its border line sex offender.
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Echo Echo
Definitely talk to the other kids parents! This is not normal. If they don't know how to talk to him appropriately (he may become embarrassed or ashamed) then go to the pediatrician's office to discuss it further (that may be the best thing to do instead of confronting him about it). Although this could be "exploring", it's not normal, he could have seen it, or made to watch it, or even been abused! Help this child seek counseling immediately!
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Chanelle Chanelle
wow r u seriously asking if this is normal exploring??? ur either a troll or retarded. be a better parent and walk over there, tell them what ur son said, and than go to the police!! that other child is obviously learning it from someone!!!!!
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Anora Anora
He is normal. Most kids his age explore sexual stuff, but aren't really gay. They won't do this kind of stuff with girls, because most kids his age are freaked out by girls. It's normal though, he's not gay, just a little curious. You can tell the other kids parent if you want.
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Youkahainen Youkahainen
It absolutely is not and common sense should tell you so. The other boy is being sexually abused. File a police report NOW!
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Shephatiah Shephatiah
omg yes you should go over there and speak with the parents because that's not all all kids are curious but it shouldn't go that far
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