Know any Philosophical topics?

Know any Philosophical topics? Topic: Teaching philosophy essays
July 20, 2019 / By Ros
Question: I need a philosophical topic for a 12 page essay project. topics maybe within the following categories: sports movies (harry potter and matrix is taken) music books people technology poetry basically anything you can think of, that would be great for a high school senior paper
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Monna Monna | 2 days ago
Did your teacher teach anything about metaphysics or epistemology or aesthetics before giving this assignment? Does s/he expect an actual paper dealing with the philosophy of such things as you mentioned? Do you know how to create a philosophical paper on one of those topics, concerning, say, the ethics involved, or perhaps the epistemological topic of "the concept of methods"? "Concepts of method are formed by retaining the distinguishing characteristics of the purposive course of action and of its goal, while omitting the particular measurements of both." I'm not criticizing you. I'm criticizing your teacher. If you knew anything about what I'm asking, you wouldn't need to come to us for help. Show this to your teacher. The metaphysics of ANY movie is pretty simple, yet you can't do it. Shame on your teacher.
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Monna Originally Answered: Good topics for a philosophical essay?
Gen. Do unconditional realism. A person who ignores reality has many conflicts in life because reality bites himer in the assumptions. A person whose life is guided by realism, has fewer accidents in life. That person can then allow himerself more lightness of spirit, like romance, and art, because hiser life can be more confident. When that realism becomes unconditional, it increases the ability to live happy, successful lives, even more. Conditional realism allows fears, and fables, to dominate lives. You never know if what you accept is true, or just a guess. Unconditional realism values what can be checked, and verified, over what is supposed, and guessed. That helps your path become more clear. When you have a clear path, you can help yourself, and other people, have better lives. What kind of facts are verifiable, and in a form that allows them to be understood, and communicated? This is fundamental. Some aspects of life are common to all situations. Those aspects can be tracked. Each person can make an individual list of them, and may want to compile a list from their families, and social circles. Before an item is considered a verified fact, it has to pass a few tests. A. Is it a belief, , or a reality that has been experienced? B. Is the item accepted as a fact by reliable observers, who are also certain that it is not just an interpretation, or belief? If you do this for a while, together with a reliable cohort, you, and everyone else, will come to some repeated conclusions. 1. You are unique, and so is everyone else. 2. You need more than just yourself, in order to live, and so does everyone else. 3. There are things you know, and a whole lot you don't. That's true for everybody. 4. Nothing happens, unless the conditions for it to happen are right. 5. What goes around, comes around. 6. Lives change, yet LIFE goes on. If you keep those realities in mind, simultaneously, you have the beginnings of a smart, solid life. In order to keep those six sentences in mind, it would be nice to be able to shorten them into a true, yet convenient grouping. Guess what. Many good, and smart, people worked on this for a long time, and already did it for you. The posts in gshpower.wordpress.com contain explanations from different starting points.

Lisa Lisa
First of all, is this for a college Philosophy course? Because your list of categories doesn't seem to suggest so. Anyway, if it is for a Philosophy class, I'd recommend something like an argumentative or comparison contrast essay on empiricism vs. rationalism, idealism vs materialism, or theism vs. atheism. They're interesting topics, and you won't have any trouble finding sources.
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Kara Kara
you're on the perfect song, DARLING! Philosophy concerns itself with what's the appropriate thank you to stay (ethics), what forms of issues fairly exist and what are their actual natures (metaphysics), what's to count selection as actual understanding (epistemology), and what are the perfect concepts of reasoning (good judgment). The be conscious itself is derived from the Greek ????????? (philosophía: love of understanding), compounded from ????? (phílos: buddy, or lover) and ????? (sophía: understanding). The definition of philosophy is itself a topic of philosophy; subsequently, there are various strategies of describing it. some encyclopedias have defined philosophy in terms of psychological inquiry and using intense diagnosis and reasoning, besides as communicate or introspection, to remedy intractable and familiar problems. [4] Others state that philosophy examines the technique of inquiry itself. nonetheless others argue that philosophy is non-supply up with the appropriate practices in each psychological field. the region is made extra complicated because of fact present day Western philosophy is split into continental and analytic traditions. in spite of the reality that the be conscious "philosophy" originates interior the Western custom, many figures interior the historic previous of the East have addressed comparable matters in comparable strategies. those inquiries are defined as eastern philosophy. subject count number instruction manual interior the learn OF PHILOSOPHY: a million Western Philosophy a million.a million important Branches of Western Philosophy a million.2 The identification of Philosophy a million.3 historic previous of Western philosophy a million.3.a million Greco-Roman philosophy a million.3.2 Medieval philosophy a million.3.3 present day Western philosophy a million.4 Schism of Analytic and Continental philosophy 2 eastern philosophy 2.a million Indian philosophy 2.2 Persian philosophy 2.3 chinese language philosophy 3 African philosophy 4 Metaphysics and epistemology (Western Philosophy) 4.a million Skepticism 4.2 Rationalism and empiricism 4.3 Kantian philosophy and the upward thrust of idealism 4.4 American Pragmatism 4.5 The prominence of excellent judgment 4.6 Phenomenology and hermeneutics 4.7 Existentialism 4.8 The Analytic custom 5 Ethics and political philosophy (Western Philosophy) 5.a million Human nature and political legitimacy 5.2 Consequentialism, deontology, and the aretaic turn 6 utilized philosophy
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Hannah Hannah
Do one about the history of your school. You might even found out your school was founded by pirates
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Hannah Originally Answered: Do you formulate & ask Q's in philosophical topics looking for areas of agreement or areas of disagreements?
I typically do not come here to ask questions, but to see what others are asking. If I were to ask one, however, I think I would formulate in such a way that it allows both myself and others to stretch their minds or to think in new/different ways.

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