Can anyone give me advice on what to do with one of my teachers?

Can anyone give me advice on what to do with one of my teachers? Topic: Teacher marking
June 19, 2019 / By Wilford
Question: I am being schooled in a charter school which is located in the wing of a normal high school. Anyways, It feels like we have no human rights here in this school. We have freedom of speech, some students don't swear or anything but they still get kicked out. Right to our own property, our phones get taken away when we don't even have them out. They play favorites. They call us names like, drama queens, whiners, fat, etc. Stuff like that and I'm sure they are not aloud to do that. They ignore students while joking around with other teachers. They sometimes refuse to let us use the restroom. When we try walking past or walking away- they grab us, sometimes leave nail marks. I'm sure they are definantly not allowed to do that. They pretty much FORCE us to do work other wise we get kicked out of school. They yell at you for things you did not do without getting any facts and even if we explain, we still get in trouble for it. We get in trouble for bringing in soda but they get to drink it all they want- not sure about this one- don't mind it but some other students do. Teachers are allowed to joke around with the other school at lunch but we get yelled at for doing it. THEY told us to pick seats- as long as we are working, we will not be moved- it was a lie. A lot of people got moved even if they actually worked their hardest in that spot. Can anyone let me know what could be done about each of these or just give me a GOOD site of where I can find rights like these in Wisconsin school? Thanks.
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Scot Scot | 8 days ago
No teacher has the right to physically harm a student. Calling students names, especially like "fat" should not be tolerated. Leaving nail marks in a student's arm should be grounds for dismissal. Tell a parent, and complain to the administration.
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Neas Neas
This sounds like a school that wants good marks from you, they believe in discipline and they want you to work. This is a good thing and you should appreciate the chances you are being offered. However - if someone bruises your arm or hurts you in anyway you should let another adult know - another teacher or someone you can talk to, do not put up with that.
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Keshaun Keshaun
Teachers have a harder job than students. It's much more difficult to be in their position and therefore, there are certain allowances that are made. If you have a problem with your teacher, I would speak to him/her privately after class. However, if the teacher is harming the students that is not right. So if this is happening, tell someone about it.
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