Im going to tell you about me and you tell me your first impression, and give me advice?

Im going to tell you about me and you tell me your first impression, and give me advice? Topic: Fun homework for 2nd graders
June 26, 2019 / By Ainslie
Question: im in seventh grade, home schooled (i go to school 2 days a week, they give me a bunch of homework and i do that the other 3 days), don't have many friends, I rarely do things on the week end, my sister kinda thinks im a loser, so do my parents, i really like art and music, not to athletic, but i take a tumbling class and am kinda good... I've had one boyfriend, never been kissed... im a christian.. im really lonely and am kinda awkward.. how do i make friends and have a group of friends, i hang out with people at school, but never anywhere else. im mostly in my room on the computer or reading, listening to music... i really want to do some thing.. have fun and have friends.. but i don't know what to do! please give me some advice. :) thank you for reading..
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Best Answers: Im going to tell you about me and you tell me your first impression, and give me advice?

Tony Tony | 3 days ago
Hi. You sound like a normal typical 7th grader to me Hun. No worries!! You need to just accept yourself... Show some self confidence( even if it is fake at first, it'll grow on ya ;). ). People are attracted to other people with great self confidence, because it gives them self confidence just being around you. You'll get out of your awkward phase... Trust me. We've ALL been there and done that.
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Tony Originally Answered: Can someone please give me some advice?
Cheerleader or not the people that will do well are the people who are pretty stable in school. I mean do they do their homework, are they responsible, pretty balanced kids? The girls that are friends with older kids, and focus too much on what they look like and not enough on who they are and just doing whatever makes them happy are going to be less happy. Being a teenager is hard, I know. I felt the same way you do when I was younger and if I could go back in time and give myself advice I'd say, "take it easy on yourself, do what you love, be true to yourself, and don't worry about the people who don't love the real you, cause usually they come around and if not, they are no worth it to you" it sounds like something parents just say to their kids to make them feel better but that is the truth. In my school the kids that were considered nerds in 7th grade became the cool kids in 11th and 12th just because they did what they loved, they were confidant and obviously going places. I don't know how old you are but don't rush things. Really find the things you love and do that. As far as boys and stuff, I don't know if your school is like the one I went to but really take it slow because you have the rest of your life for that and your judgement will severly change as you get even just a little bit older. Good luck! Take it easy on yourself and do what you love, forget the rest!

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You just seem like a average 7th grade girl, besides not being in school for most the week. You sound sweet. You could probably easily make friends if you got out more. Try a church group, or going to school clubs. Or a easier sport like Winter/Fall Guard. Something that isn't full of mean girls. Good luck:)
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Mattathiah Mattathiah
i think if u ask the people u hang around with to do things with u outside school then u will make more friends like for example if you invite them round to your house once in a while or go out to town or something .... and as for u being a loser tell ur parents to take a look at their own lives at the end of the day your doing things that u enjoy u dont have to do things for other peoples benefit and ifu enjoy it then thats all that matters
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Joachim Joachim
im in 8th grde like music an art i am athletic wen i wnt 2 b play gutar violin drums trumpet an flute im christian u dnt sound like a loser at all wanna msg each other???
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Grady Grady
It seems you are introvert.No problem.You only have to search friend of your likeness. So only select silent friends like you only.Do some exercise at home that will help you lot and helps to solve your problem.
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Grady Originally Answered: Can someone give me some advice please?:(?
I think that your overcomplicating of things already brought you both where you are now. It is too late to fix you as persons now, we should focus on that after we try to fix the current situation. For start you mistake is that you see each other because you got used to that, and not because you are really in the mood to see the other person. Keep in mind that no relationship can win against depression and stressful times. When exams hit, when jobs are sacred and when deadlines are knocking on your door, you need to deal with them first and then set a side some time for loved ones. It is a big obligation from both of you, but that week off won't help him at all if he'll be spending his free time on anything but studying. So for example instead of seeing / hearing / texting each other every day, try to study for 2-3 days straight and then meet each other. You will file both relationship and exams if you cannot find a boundary and stick to it. I hope I helped. You can follow my answers here on yahoo, there's plenty of similar problems other couples have that I have responded to already. I hope it works out for you tho, then we can start working on the "over thinking" about certain things, because that is what ruins most of it.

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