How do you teach and kitten or a cat tricks?

How do you teach and kitten or a cat tricks? Topic: The sisters brothers movie rights to books
July 19, 2019 / By Bab
Question: I have 2 kittens. My kitten's name is Cocanut and my sister's kitten is named Fluffy. I want to teach Cocanut to do tricks. The thing is they are both brother and sis. He is very lazy and she if fluffy and fun to cuddle with. THEY ARE BOTH 1 YEAR AND 3 MONTHS AND 27 DAYS OLD, HE IS SO LAZY THAT WHENEVER I TOUCH HIS PAW AND PULL IT TO TEACH HIM TO SHAKE, HE CRIES LIKE A GIRL. BUT HE IS MY BEST KITTEN! I HAVE ANOTHER KITTEN IN INDIA AND HER NAME IS PEARL, SHE IS VERY SWEET! SO WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP HIM? NO MEAN COMMENTS OR I WILL REPORT U! DOGS ARE STUPID, CATS RULE! HA HA! I HATE DOGS, PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD KILL THEM.
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Abra Abra | 4 days ago
Actually cats can be trained, although it takes more effort than dogs. We got our cat to 'Sit', 'Jump' and lie down. We also get her to jump on the couch on command. I got the idea when we were at the circus and one of the acts were regular housecats doing the same tricks as lions and tigers. So right now I am reading a book called "Show Biz Tricks For Cats' by Anne Gordon. She trained cats for such movies as 'Homeward Bound' and 'Home For the Holidays. She put 40 tricks you can teach your cat including how to shake hands. Maybe you can see if they have the book at your library. Some of the things she suggests is wait until the cat is hungry. Put her food bowl away for a few minutes and pull out a favorite treat. Put the treat above the kitty and wait until it paws at it or sits or whatever you want to teach it. Then use the word you want it to do like shake or sit. When the kitty does it, say 'good kitty' and give it the treat. But since cats are lazy, only do it for a few minutes or it will get bored and walk away. Within a week you should have the cat doing it on command. The trainer also said get a clicker or something that makes a clicking sound. When the kitty does the command make the clicking sound.
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Abra Originally Answered: Can you think of anymore tricks i can teach my dog?
DANG!!!!! You are amazing, as is your dog!! Kudos for giving her so many ways to earn praise and attention! "Hide your toy" she can put her toy under the corner of an area rug, under a sofa/chair cushion, or under a piece of furniture. "get cozy" lay down and pull a towel or blankie over herself. There's also agility for fun. You can make a nice little agility set- up suited to her size in your yard (or living room!) A broom handle or PVC pipe (the smallest diameter they make) balanced on some books or bricks - start out with a height she can step over (say "jump") then gradually raise it...not higher than her chest. Tunnel - cardboard box open on both ends (fold flaps to the inside and tape down with maksking tape) for an open tunnel; for a closed tunnel, cut the closed end off a pillowcase and cut down one side, then tape to one end of the tunnel so it drapes to the floor She can jump through a hoola hoop held by you Weave poles (outside) - have them cut the smallest diameter PVC pipe for you where you buy it, to 6 - 8 @ 3 foot lengths, and stick them in the grass about 18" apart in a straight line The 'pause table' can be a big 'coffee table book' if you have one (doesn't everyone? LOL) The site below has the other regulation equipment, and you can modify it for her size. BTW - did you use a clicker for the tricks (a lot of your list is actual 'manners')? Have fun and keep up the great work!

Sybald Sybald
My kitty takes his possess deal with out of the box. Every from time to time I preserve a box open and he reaches in and takes a few treats out. He has been doing that in view that he was once a little or no cat. Cute!!!
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Patsy Patsy
Haha yeah right... cats don't do tricks. They're too smart to fall for your pathetic manipulations. Seriously, though, I've never known a cat that could do tricks, but if you want to try give him cat treats whenever he does something that you like, and maybe he'll figure it out eventually. Don't give him too many treats per day though (read the package) or he'll get fat.
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Lorn Lorn
Wait until you see them doing something interesting. Then praise them and do the same. I taught might to hop on his hind legs when I say 'Hi!' Because he bounced up when I walked towards him sometimes. I waited until he did it, and then said 'Hi!' until when I said it, he would do it.
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Lorn Originally Answered: Tricks for puppy?
My son taught his dog speak - and then the outside voice (loud) and inside voice (quiet), sing (howl), kiss me, hugs (feet on the shoulders when seated), dance (to walk with the front feet crossing each other with each step), and bring me the _________. There are about 30 objects the dog can identify and bring! How nice for you that you're not still having to teach the 'don't pee in the carpet' trick! Have fun!

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