Do you need to take the CBEST and CSET to teach in CA?

Do you need to take the CBEST and CSET to teach in CA? Topic: Subjects required for ca
July 20, 2019 / By Amethyst
Question: I just completed my masters in secondary education and need one more class for my certification to teach high school. My question is do I need to the the CBEST and CSET in English to teach in CA. I just want to teach English in high school. Someone told me I just need to take the CSET. Is this information correct?
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Ward Ward | 4 days ago
You better look into your Universities program. You cant be one class away for a few reasons: Colleges do not offer certification - the state does. The state requires many things - and if you were not told about the tests - then you are far longer than 1 class away. the basic skills test (CBEST) is required for entry into any teacher certification program. The state also requires you to have subject matter verification (CSET) as well as student teaching - which is more than one semester. You may be one class away from your masters - but that is insufficient to teach in our state.
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Russell Russell
You need them both the get a teaching credential in CA at the secondary level. The CBEST is basic skills and the CSET is for the subject you are being certified to teach. In your case you would take it for English
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Moses Moses
I am going to start my major in secondary education next summer.I have never heard of the CSET or CBEST before but i do know where i live in Ohio i have to take the Praxis ll in the subjects i'm going to teach but if i don't pass i don't get my license..sorry wish i could help you :(.,,best wishes for your future though :)
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