Please answer now how to teach my dog to pee and poop on newspaper?

Please answer now how to teach my dog to pee and poop on newspaper? Topic: How to write about snow
July 17, 2019 / By Justy
Question: I dont need to hear anything about wee wee pads,about not to teach him to do inside because its bad or whatever. I did one of these and really everyone just wrote BS I hope you only answer if you actually know some way to help me. Its snowing outside i tryed to take my puppy tiny {yorkie } out and but that went bad he drowned in the snow. Please we already taught him to do outside but we really need to keep that on hold for now.
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Gretel Gretel | 10 days ago
Your dog "drowned in the snow"? So how about you pick up a shovel and clear out a spot for him to go to the bathroom? That will be a heck of a lot easier than training him to go on a newspaper (and then re-training him to go outside when the weather is warmer). If you really want to train him to go on a newspaper, then I'd suggest checking out: http://www.dogtrainingguide.org/dog/training/housebreaking/paper-training.html However, I think that it's a big mistake to do so.
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Gretel Originally Answered: Please,I urgently need help,newspaper?I'll give 10 points for the best answer?
Because who cares about if a RAT!!! WEARS CLOTHES OR NOT !! And also who really cares if DOG AND PIGS WEAR CLOTHES !!! Their ANIMALS! ANIMALS DON'T "NEED" CLOTHES THEIR OWNERS JUST WANT THEM TO "HAVE" THEM ! In MY Opinion it makes Them (animals) LOOK STUPID INFINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Diamanda Diamanda
I had to shovel a path and a potty spot for my dog and she isn't even a small dog, just short haired and hates the snow. you could try bringing paper out with you and put the puppy on it. Sometimes it works to have a word that they associate with the deed. I can just say to my dog "Layla have to go potty?" and she knows what that means because everytime I took her out I would say go potty, and then reward her when she did. Since your dog is already trained to go outside I would try putting him/her in an area without carpet like the bathroom covered in newpaper and when it goes on the paper give it a treat to let it know that is what you want. Of course the dog may expect to be able to go inside all the time so I would suggest shoveling a patch of the yard first.
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Caprina Caprina
they have sprays that you can pick up at your local pet store that 'direct' the puppy to the pee pad or newspaper. Make sure after you spray it on the paper you show your puppy and use a key word like 'bathroom'. If you know your dogs typical bathroom signs you could direct them over to the pee pad when you see a sign and say bathroom.. Make sure you watch them and if they go on the paper praise them and give them a treat. Never scold your pet after the fact of an accident. If you catch your dog in the act of having an 'accident somewhere other than the pee pad, that is when you scold them. Your dog will not remember what they have done wrong after a few minutes and scolding after the fact will be pointless.. Good luck! (btw,.. breaking this indoor bathroom habit is very difficult and if you are teaching both techniques (inside and outside) it can be confusing for your dog. Figure out which technique you'd prefer your dog to follow and make sure you follow through with it)
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Amethyst Amethyst
Potty Training 101 Set a timer to remind you to take your puppy out every 30 minutes. Take him to the spot you want him to potty and wait patiently until he does. Once he seems to be doing good with that, then set the timer for 45 minutes, and so on and so on. Work at getting it to 2 hours and up. Always take him to his potty spot. If he poops in the wrong place (house, or where ever) pick up the poop and put it where you want him to go and show him nicely so he will get the idea. Also, take him out every time he wakes up, about 15-30 minutes after eating, and after hard play. Never tell him NO when he potties in the wrong place because you will confuse him. He will think that the act of going potty is bad, not where he is going potty. And never stick his nose in it. You don't want to scare him or make him angry with you. Use positive reinforcement EVERY TIME. Tell him something like "good potty" when he gets it right. Remember, he is a baby. Be patient and consistent. It takes a while to develop bladder control, but give him time and it will happen. Good reading would be "Training Your Puppy" magazine type book by the editors of Dog Fancy magazine, and "House-Training" also by the editors of Dog Fancy. Good luck :) P.S. Potty pads aren't bad if you are using them for back up. Our puppy uses them if we are not available when he needs to go out, but he doesn't use them on a regular basis. Potty train him first though.
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Ward Ward
use a room the the flooring is washable. say kithchen as you are in and out. baracade door way with carbord or peg board cut so you can lift leg over and dog cant . make sure if falls cant hurt the dog. use 4 sheets of the newspspaer double thick in a area . if dog is peaing another area and you can put paper there do so . as the dog hits the paper and no accidents lessen amt used. tip you can use a winter boot tray to put paper on. contarins the pee and keeps print of the floor. clean the boot tray and have on e in the truck and you have dogs tailet with you
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Russell Russell
No you don't need to train him to pee in the house because its snowing outside. You shovel out an area for the dog to pee and you take him outside to do so. The WORSE thing you can do is to let him pee inside the house and then get mad later when he chooses to not go outside. If you can't take your dog outside to pee/poop, then do not own a dog.
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Moses Moses
An even better idea, ( and more user friendly for you to clean up ), would be to train your dog to use a litter box just like a cat does. Dogs can be trained to use a litter box and they even make special "dog litter" that's different than cat litter. Some can be "flushed" for easy disposal. I'll give you the links so you can investigate this possibility. good luck! http://www.kturby.com/litter/litter.htm http://aolsearcht3.search.aol.com/aol/se...
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Kelvin Kelvin
Get a shovel and dig out a place for your dog to go OUTSIDE. If your dog DROWNED, it would be dead. Definition of DROWNED taken from Wikipedia: Drowning is death from suffocation caused by a liquid entering into the lungs and preventing the absorption of oxygen, leading to cerebral hypoxia and myocardial infarction.
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