PLEASE give me some ADVICE. (LONG STORY!) 10 points?

PLEASE give me some ADVICE. (LONG STORY!) 10 points? Topic: How to write an email giving advice to a friend
July 19, 2019 / By Melantha
Question: So i met this one girl online about a month ago. we would talk on the phone alot and on myspace and everything. She would tell me how much she cares about me and how much she likes me. We talked frequently, but then she would get grounded and what not. last time i spoke to her was last week, and she spent an hour writing paragraphs about how much she cares about me , AND note, she has a problem. SHE likes a guy that lives in her state thats FALLING for her, and i WAS falling for her too, and she said she might be falling for ME or HIM. BUT NOW get this. Yesterday i went on her myspace and talked to someone she goes to school with. We will just call this "KELLY". So KELLY (the girl i likes friend"), talked to me for about an hour. and i told kelly to talk to the girl i like in school and find out some stuff. One thing kelly told me was that the girl i like told people at school including her that she met me through someone named alex and that all 3 of us have hung out which is bull and i told kelly that wasnt true. Now i dont know whether the girl i like is trying to defend her REP or something. GET THIS. I TELL KELLY TO TALK TO THE GIRL I LIKE, SO KELLY MESSAGES ME THE NEXT DAY. AND I READ "she said that she really did meet you through alex (which is false).,AND she wants you to disappear from her life and she thinks your a creep". THATS WHEN everything fell apart. I couldn't believe what i just read. And i thought to myself, how could this be possible? The same loving girl who would sit on the phone hours with me and spend hours typing paragraphs trying to assure me how she feels and everything. So i told kelly to deliver the girl i like a final message and it involved something like "I loved you and you tossed me aside, i guess i will never be good enough for you anymore, i don't know what i did but i hope your happy and you deserve someone better because apparently my love means nothing to anyone". It went something like this, and when the girl i like found out that i heard from kelly that she wants me to "DISSAPPEAR FROM HER LIFE" she supposedly got "UPSET" and was about to cry. Then the girl i like messages me on myspace saying she is so sorry and wants to cry so bad and wants me to give her a chance to explain. (NOTE, she wrote this from her friends cell in school because she is grounded and cant get to a comp or anything). So i wrote back saying something exactly this. "There isn't anything to 'explain'. I got the memo. You want me to disappear from your life. I got that. Thanks for everything. I offered you my love, and you threw it away. And you are nothing but a liar. Just leave me alone" So.. she read this email and didn't reply, so i guess this means its over or something. I dont know whats going on, or why she wants me to dissappear from her life, i dont know what i did other than show her what it is to feel loved and cared for to a great extent. ....I feel like their is a shining glimmer of hope left for me and her, and i want to give her a chance to redeem herself but... i don't know if she really cares cause i cant tell if she is lieing or not.. It's just hard, please give me some solid advice other than the cliche "MOVE ON ." 10 Points to anyone who can tell me something that can give me some hope possibly.. AND TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHAT I MEANT BY "SHE WOULD SIT AND WRITE AND SHOW HOW MUCH SHE CARES", HERES SOMETHING STRAIGHT FROM HER ON AIM. Its not much but.. "I have no idea what is wrong with me. I care about you so much, it pains me to know that every single day i have a great guy thinking about me and i can't even have him here): It makes me angry that jacob(the other guy she likes) is meaning a lot to me, when it should be you who means everything to me. But you do, you mean more to me than, i believe any guy ever has.. Also... today i sent her 2 emails on myspace saying how i wish she would tell me why she wants to get rid of me from her life and she just deleted them.. Now im suspicious, if it was whether HER or her PARENTS cause her parents know her myspace info and have deleted and blocked people including me in the past off her friends list. I really dont want to believe this girl did that to me because i dont understand how a person could 'care' for someone and then a week later tell them they want them out of their life. Should i just be patient and see what happens? i dont know.. i feel like giving up but i cant....
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Best Answers: PLEASE give me some ADVICE. (LONG STORY!) 10 points?

Leah Leah | 5 days ago
I think she's a pathological liar it sound like she is so full of drama. From what you write it would just be a waste of time to keep the faith. You sound like a nice guy so just give yourself time to get over her then someone who will be worth it will come along then you'll see what love really is. Keep your head up.
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I would recommend taking a film class at a community college if you are sincerely interested in directing. If you're still in to it after a semester it may right for you. Other than that, online career tests (googling "career tests" should get you a few) to point out a direction you may not have considered. Then, skimming boards dedicated to whatever career you are considering would be a good way to get a real idea of what is going on in the field. The stuff that gets written up for all the "Is This Career Right for YOU?" type things tends to paint a very optimistic picture of whatever you happen to be looking at. I know some boards welcome people considering that career to ask questions and get informed.

Joelle Joelle
I think that James is just trying to heal from all the mistakes and heartache that he has had with his wife he is now separated from. I have never been divorced (I am currently married) but can only guess that there must be a lot of regret and remorse about why it didn't work out the way you thought it would when you said your marriage vows. Even if he thought that the transition from being married to being single would be an easy one and that dating again would be easy, I'm sure he's realizing now that he needs time to heal. And this is very smart of him. If you two did work out in the future, would you really want all his baggage from this relationship hanging around? He needs to be alone and figure out himself first before moving forward with anyone else. And as far as this other woman goes, I wouldn't take it for much. She is probably someone that he has known for a long time and maybe had a crush on at some point. He probably has been hanging out with her to keep him company. They probably slept together and now he is really realizing that being with someone else right now just doesn't feel right in his heart. Give him time to heal. It could take a long time. But if you really want to be with him, then you will give him the space he needs. When he is ready, he'll come back. As far as your current boyfriend, you should give him the respect and honesty he deserves. Give him your all or let him go. It is only fair to him. And when he finds out about you and James, things won't ever be the same again. It would be better to let him go without him knowing the truth, then him hating women for the rest of his life after finding out that you cheated.
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Garnette Garnette
ok there are a few different situations that she could be in right now.. 1- People start liking people from online because they have no one else. But when they meet someone in real life then they will fall for the "real" person and forget about the "online" person. Then if they want to forget the online person but the online person keeps sending them stuff then they will probably start being mean. 2- She could be embarrassed to say "i met this guy i really like ONLINE". People at my school would think i was a freak or just desperate to find a guy online. So she could be embarrassed thats all. 3- Her parents probably found out and would get mad at her for meeting someone online. So she had to make up that story about meeting you and hanging out with you. And maybe her parents told her not to talk to you so that's why she said those things. And you getting mad at her probably hurt her because she can't help it. It could be one of those reasons. You never know. That's why it's better to meet people in real life because it will be hard for you to find out because you knew her from online and never hung out you know?
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Debbie Debbie
Have you seen a movie called The Lake House, it somehow made me realize that in cases like this it's easier to let go than to forget. If you believe what you have with her is real & you guys can go far together, then I say give her another chance (though that doesn't assure you that there won't be more heartaches). I know that it'll be like meeting her for the first time, in the sense that she has to prove that she's worthy of your trust & respect. It's hard to recognize a good thing when you have it & if you do spot it I say hang on to it & you do all you can to save it. It might just teach her to appreciate you more & it might be worth it.
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Debbie Originally Answered: Why would a 33 year old man behave like this? (long story) im really hurting can you help me out with advice?
Sound he is still in love with another woman that he hasn't gotten over yet, but thinks that there is still a chance that they could get back together, but in the mean time, he gets with you thinking that if the other relation doesn't work out then he would have you to fall back on. Whenever you had the disagreement it gave him a chance to escape so he could work things out in his head of which direction he should take. Prehaps the other woman is married and he is wating for her to make a move, which will probally never happen, but then again, he may be looking for someone else.

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