How can i teach a lefty to crochet; i'm right handed?

How can i teach a lefty to crochet; i'm right handed? Topic: Articles teaching writing skills
June 24, 2019 / By Elwood
Question: i volunteer teaching crochet to parents. i love sharing my skills with someone else.i've tried showing the parent articles from crochet web sites i'm showing her ,but my skills look backwards to her and hers look backwards to me too.i don't want to discourage her,or frustrate myself.
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Clemmie Clemmie | 3 days ago
Try to sit across from her, face to face, and have her look at what you are doing without reversing it. My Grandmother had the worst time teaching me, in fact she couldn't. Then I dreamed how later from her instructions. Also look on websites for yarn companies, Bernat comes to mind, or about.com for crochet, etc. Ultimately she will need to follow written instructions if she wants to use patterns, so try to show her just the chain and single crochet to start. Maybe if it looks backwards to each of you, something is right since she will begin and end her rows opposite to yours.
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Clemmie Originally Answered: How can I (a lefty) teach my right-handed 5-yr old to write his name?
I am having the same problem but I am right handed and my son left. My son's teacher called my the 3rd day of school and told me my son should already know how to write his name, they do not teach that in Kindergarten. He went to preschool and they worked with him on printing letters and also printing his name, I have done so too at home. As far as I am concerned, I do not believe he is developmentally ready yet. This is probably the same with your son. Has the teacher made any suggestions? My son doesn't like to use pens/pencils but does better with crayons/markers but likes the Dry erase boards and markers the best. I also wonder if typing on the coumpter may at least spark his interest more at least in the letters and spelling, then maybe he will eventually be interested it actually printing. I know so much more is expected of kids entering kindergarten but if a child is not ready developmentally then no matter what you do it will not happen. My sons school has 3 days of Physical Ed but can not help the kids to write or tie their shoes (or expects them too do it sooner than they are capable). Do the best you can and if nothing has improved 1/2 way through the school year (January or Febuary) then I would talk to your peditrician to see if they have any resources (testing).

Anani Anani
i comprehend that's accessible to income from a e book, yet truthfully, you would be lots extra effective off taking a classification. interest lobby, Michaels and Joanns all furnish instructions that are extremely priced--in all probability with regard to the comparable as you may pay for the e book. If there are no craft shops close to you, see if there's a branch of challenge Linus on your area--i'm specific somebody there'll be keen that may assist you out. There are additionally diverse online tutorials with extremely staggering movies and written instructions. yet despite you do, do not provide up! Crochet is an exceedingly rewarding interest. The resourceful possiblities are nigh countless, and you may extremely make somebody's day with a house made present. to not point out the delight of weariing or using somethingyou made your self.
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Topsie Topsie
When I learned - I suck, but I know how to do it and just need to put more practice in - it was just a case of mirroring my right-handed teacher. In fact, in golf, they say lefties are the best students and best players because it is so easy for them to mirror their teachers! Good crochet books should also have instructions for both right AND left-handed users. Luckily this is not the 1950's where we used to force lefties to use their right hands when doing anything. :/
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Ryana Ryana
Speaking as a lefty, you can't. Find a book that has left handed directions--or several, if you can--and help the lefty figure it out. Make sure the directions are as clear as possible.
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Nelly Nelly
Sorry, can't answer, but I'll keep track of the answers if you don't mind -- I'm left-handed and want to learn to crochet.
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Hello there, How you play Guitar Hero really has no bearing on how you will play a real guitar. How you do sports has some indication of how to play guitar, but there are some differences. Baseball really has no correlation. Many right handers learn to bat left handed because they face more right handed pitchers than left handed ones. How you shoot is determined by which is your dominant eye. How you play guitar is determined by which is your dominant hand. Big difference. Your dominant hand should be used to pick and strum. Your off hand is used on depress the strings on the neck. Most beginners think depressing the strings is the more difficult part and therefore think their dominant hand should go there. That is incorrect. The portion of playing guitar that requires the most dexterity and coordination is picking and strumming. Therefore whichever is your dominant hand should be used for that. I would not try to convert a Strat from right handed to play left handed. There is far more to that than most folks realize. They have seen pictures of Jimi Hendrix and Dick Dale and assume it is easy to convert. Not the case. Dick Dale only plays the right handed Strat left handed. He did not convert it to play left handed. So Dick is playing with the bass (thicker) strings on the bottom. The music is written for the bass strings on top side of the neck. Dick can convert that all in his head and play. That is not a simple task to do. I do not recommend a beginner try that. Jimi Hendrix converted a right handed guitar to play left handed. At least he did a partial conversion. He restrung the guitar so the strings would be in their normal position. That requires a left handed nut to replace the right handed nut. There is an issue with the bass strings popping out when you play. I never learned how Jimi cured that problem. The pole heights on the pickups will be incorrect for a standard Strat sound. You would have to replace the pickups with left handed pickups if you wanted the Strat to sound normal or get some flat poles pickups. Jimi liked the altered tone of the poles being out of their usual heights and left them that way intentionally. The bridge pickup will be slanted the wrong direction and will alter the tone. Again, Jimi liked the altered tone this gave and left it that way. If you want a standard Strat tone, you need to have a pickguard with a reverse slant for the bridge pickup. The controls are now on top and are in the way of playing. Jimi liked having the knobs on top and learned to play around them. Not everyone has Jimi's playing skill. Most of us would find the knobs are in the way on top. The tremelo arm is on top. That means it will hang down in the way of playing. I have no idea how Jimi found a way to keep his tremolo arm up and out of the way. Some guitar tech probably installed something similar to what Fender uses now with it American Strats, a tremolo arm tension spring. That is a small stiff spring that fits into the hole the arm screws into. The spring applies pressure to the arm and holds it stationary (does not let it hang down). Those springs are made for the American Strat and do not fit in a Squier Strat. You would have to find a spring somewhere that would fit to cure the loose tremolo arm problem. Frankly, it is not work converting a cheap Squier to play left handed. If you decide you should be playing left handed, you should get a left handed guitar. However, there is a very good chance you should be playing right handed. In that case, just get the Ibanez. Later,

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