I'm writing a Romance Novel?

I'm writing a Romance Novel? Topic: Need help writing a novel
June 26, 2019 / By Layton
Question: I've recently started writing a romance novel. I'm still quite young (i'm in high school) But I really enjoy writing and would love to make a career out of it. My story is about a teenage couple, and the struggles they have to go through during there teenagehood. Need help thinking of ideas though? Can anyone making any suggestions? Or any tips or tricks? I do intend on publishing it if I like it. Thanks :) x
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Jackson Jackson | 9 days ago
I think what you need to do is march down to a charity shop/library and search for some mills & boon books. They are the best romance novels (with various authors) ever! it should really help you write away from the stereotypical teenage romance. I was reading mills & boon at your age because my Nan kept throwing them at me, just to warn you some are smutty good. haha Anyway, good for you that you're writing a romance novel. But what you need to do now is make it unique and don't make your characters unrealistic and say things/think things that are unrealistic like 'I love the way the sun makes her eyes drip with gold goodness" er no, a guy would think 'God she's so hot!' or 'hot damn!' (that's the way I think teenage boys think anyway) Maybe a female may like to over exaggerate, because we do over exaggerate. Maybe ask a boy what he thinks when he sees a pretty girl? i'm always asking my fiance how he see's me in his mind and all he comes out with is "you're pretty" and then returns back to his game. Also make your characters stronger with their personalities and don't make everything about looks. Also, because i'm a strong believer in imagination and coming up with your own ideas I can't help you in that department. But read more, maybe even experience more? Novels take time and maybe a little research ;)
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Darden Darden
No offense, but...you want to make a career out of this and you don't even have the creativity or imagination to come up with your own ideas/plot???
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Azariah Azariah
it is true that you shouldnt use anyone else's ideas, but if you ever have any trouble thinking up an idea, just talk a walk in the park or if you have woods nearby to clear your mind and let it wander.
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Wenona Wenona
dont take anyone's ideas. write your own. that way your creativity will flow out at its best. write about what interests you.
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