How to get rid of scars on legs?

How to get rid of scars on legs? Topic: How to write a short bio about self
June 19, 2019 / By Liane
Question: I have quite a few old scars on my legs (and some on my arms) from previously self harming. The scars are not raised but are still very noticeable. I would wait until my body sorted them out naturally but I am going on holiday to cyprus in two months and need them to be gone as my parents do not know about them. I haven't got much money to go out and buy things and obviously can't have laser treatment or talk to my doctor etc. I use bio-oil sometimes which has helped with some of the scars but it takes too long to work and im running out. Any ideas how to get rid of them fast + a way that I don't have to spend much money at all? *I have been free from self-harm for months now and have not asked this question for attention or advice on how to stop or a lecture of how stupid i was - i know it was but i am trying to turn over a new leaf and forget about it. Thank you for all Helpful answers.
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Julie Julie | 9 days ago
I tried these pads, kinda like those fake skin bandages. They were expensive but worked better than any cream or oil I have tried. I found them at walmart. A daily vitamin with Biotin & D vitamin. Exfoliate the area habitually. Get products with exfoliating beads, get a pumice stone, a loofah, a scrubbing bath poof. Moisturize. Avoid tanning the area, use sunscreen on the area. Tanned scars only become more noticeable. Vitamin C, A, & E. http://www.livestrong.com/article/149336... Some of those tips may help you in 2 months. But, ultimately you need to live with those scars until you can get a skin graph, or laser treatment. For extremely short term, blend them with makeup, shading ETC..can make an illusion that there isn't a scar, or write words over them, henna over them, wear something that distracts from the area (a conversation piece or something) only wear clothes that cover up the marks, or only wear clothes that don't cover up the marks at night, in the dark. Or make up a story for them..have it planned out. Good luck.
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oh don't worry. it's the way you are and you just have to accept it. if guys can't get over the fact that you have a rare skin disorder then they're not worth it. i mean, i've got scars on my legs because i have eczema and i scratch them a lot and so i just pretend it's not there and nobody notices. and seriously, guys don't care for much but big boobs. i'm sorry but all the guys at my school (or most) are like hormone crazed and ya. don't worry it's only high school. you'll get through it with good friends. (: boys may come and go but friends are forever.
Julie Originally Answered: Do guys care if a girl has scars on her legs?
dont be insecure.. if they cant handle that fact then they really dont even deserve you in the first place.. just because you have a rare disorder doesnt mean your not beautiful..

Glenys Glenys
Scars USUALLY self-reduce with age. There's a limit to that, and they rarely fully dissapear on thier own. You can have scar reduction surgery by a cosmetic surgeon. there's assorted methods used from abrasion to skin grafting. There's assorted creams that claim they will reduce scars. Peope tend to apply them within the first year after the injury/surgery that caused the scar. Because of that, the creams are just about guaranteed to work, since the scars practically always look better after a year than they did within a couple of weeks of the accident/surgery. Preventing the formation of a large ugly scar is the best answer and that means proper wound care. Stitching to pervent having a wide gap to bridge with scar tissue. Applying a creme such as NeoSporin which helps prevent infection will help prevent formation of large ugly scars.
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