How to frame a newspaper?

How to frame a newspaper? Topic: Newspaper types of articles in newspapers
June 19, 2019 / By Nadine
Question: i want to frame a newpaper i have from the 60s and the part i want displayed is on the inside of the newspaper so it would have to be folded backwards.... how could i frame this? would i have to get the whole thing...also should i be worried about yellowing in the frame?
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Lorena Lorena | 6 days ago
Air and light are the enemies of paper. When my Grandmother died we found tin types (photographs processed on tin) that were over a hundred years old. My sister brought them to photographer and had copies made then had them framed. The photographer took photos of the tin tin types and printed them. I found archival supplies on line and the originals are stored for safe keeping. Have the reproduction done by a professional so it will actually look like a page from an old newspaper. I would include the header from the front page in my presentation. If the article is about a person and does not have a photo include a reproduction of a photograph as well. This is only one of many sites for preservation supplies. Query newspaper preservation kits and you will find many more. http://www.webyfl.com/newspaperpreservat... LOL
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