What would cause my legs to collapse after lifting something heavy?

What would cause my legs to collapse after lifting something heavy? Topic: Spondylolisthesis symptoms and causes
June 26, 2019 / By Ferdy
Question: I lifted my son out of the car when he was asleep. He weighs about 15 kgs. Upon walking into the house after a few steps with him, i felt a weakness in both legs which got stronger and stronger, until I felt they were going to collapse - so i sat down in my front yard. It went away almost straight away, and I did not have any other symptoms, other than the feeling in my legs. I remember that I have had this happen before, although not as bad - not the point of having to sit down immediately. I remember when I was little it would happen sometimes when i bent down to pick up the cat. My GP said it may be spondylolisthesis, and I and going to have a CT. But upon reading up on spondylolisthesis, I don't really have the pain associated with this. Anyone have any ideas? I am otherwise well. Thanks. No my legs are not weak otherwise. I could easily exercise with no problem and no pain. Could it be hypoglycemia?
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Daley Daley | 5 days ago
i'm not a doctor but this doesn't sound good. just get you checked it could also be MS. However just don't panic it could also be nothing to worry about maybe you just were too exhausted
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Daley Originally Answered: Restless legs 31 weeks pregnant and going cut off my legs?
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Daley Originally Answered: Weight Lifting advice for a 13 yr old 5'8?
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