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Ideas for a party? Topic: Games for writing activities
June 26, 2019 / By Lesley
Question: I'm throwing an end of the school bash. I'll take any themes, invitation ideas, party favors, games, activities, etc.. ideas for a party. I just want it to be awesome. Give me all of your ideas. Good or bad.
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Jamie Jamie | 2 days ago
For invitations, use black cards, about 4X5 inches and write the party infor in graffitti/tagging font using those gel pens in different colors. To theme the party, actually roll out a red carpet in the drive way or where ever you can. Theme it as a redcarpet party, and include fancy looking snacks for everybody. You can make it as formal as you want and serve either champagne/ginger ale (if you're under 21) in plastic champagne glasses. You can get lots of supplies like the glasses and decorations at party stores. Also for favors, have gift bags for the guests by the entrance or exit on a table. The gift bags should include a little thank you card or something like that with the school and year on it, just as a peice of memorobilia for everyone. The rest of the bag you can put whatever you want in, but I recommend a burned copy of the party soundtrack, maybe a class picture, and any kind of graduation gimmick you can find in bulk. They've got lots of favors at Party World, and you can get anything from little graduation themed charm bracelets to little teddy bears. Lots to choose from, and it's all fairly cheap. Also, in decorating, be sure to put white christmas lights outside the house, or a spotlight if you can. If you'll have a pool, put flower blossoms in it for a really nice touch. Add similar touches around the venue and keep the light's fairly dim, to make it seem more like a hollywood party. Don't forget to make room for a designated dance floor and keep the music loud! I hope this helps, good luck!!!
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France France
http://www.party411.com/ has tons of ideas and has everything you need from games to ideas for invitations and party favors. They have a lot more ideas than I can put here.
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Dax Dax
Get some custom candy bars printed for your party favors. A personalized favor is always cool. You could put whatever you want on it. They tell you where to get them or how to make them yourself at http://www.chocolate-candy-mall.com/custom-chocolate-bars.html Have a blast!
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