What do i need to become a medical doctor?

What do i need to become a medical doctor? Topic: Case study difficult students in class
June 20, 2019 / By Linus
Question: I'm in high school now, freshman infact. I'm maintaining a 3.7 gpa. Probably will through my school career but im confused as to what you have to do after high school to become an actually doctor. If a doctor or med student can tell me. I don't want to get more confused by peoples telling me random bits. Like how many years at uni. studying what subjects then from there?
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Jarrod Jarrod | 9 days ago
After high school you'll need to apply to an university. You'll need to major in something, preferably biochemistry, microbiology, or molecular genetics. When you are nearing graduation (completing your Bachelor of Science degree) you'll need to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). You will also then need to apply to a medical school, which is a mandatory 4 year program in the United States. Medical school admissions is a rigorous process and requires that you have done extremely well in your undergraduate studies. Most medical schools will recalculate your GPA to include only science classes that you have taken, this is to weed out those who have inflated their GPA by taking easy liberal arts classes. So be sure to do extremely well in your science classes. Another way to get into medical school is to apply to a combined program right out of high school. Many universities offer the combined/accelerated pathways, but they are very difficult to get into. For example, I was in Ohio State's Early Admission Pathway Program, It's a 7 year program, 3 years of undergraduate study and 4 years of medical school. I applied out of high school, the advantage of their program is that you don't have to take the MCAT IF you are admitted. They have rules to apply to their program, you must be a national merit finalist, you must have a GPA over 3.6, etc... There are many other schools that offer this type of program as well, such as Northwestern University and Case Western University. For combined programs, you usually need to do extremely well on you PSAT (215-220 and above) and your SAT (1400 and above) or ACT (32 avg or above). Also (obviously) you need to have done well in high school.
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Fulk Fulk
Well go on to college and get your Bachelors degree. Note that your major does not need to be Biology or Medicine related, but you will have to take the pre-requisites that each Med School requires. For that, you can look at the admissions website for any med school. In your junior or senior year of college, you take the MCAT, which is a test that med school admissions look at to help them decide whether or not to accept you. Your junior year, between JUne and November, you sumbit your application to all the schools you are considering (average around 15 or 20 schools). The application includes 2 personal essays, a few letters of recommendation from Science Professors, your MCAT score, and an interview. If you are lucky enough to gen in, you're notified sometime early the following year. Good luck.
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Delroy Delroy
While in high school continue to take upper level science classes (all the chemistry classes your school offers, physics, anatomy). In college major in pre-med or some form of biological science. Later in your college career (junior or senior year) you will take what is called the MCAT. It's a huge test that medical schools focus on when looking at applications. Once you do well enough on the test and are accepted into a medical school, you begin learning and observing.
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Baxter Baxter
Here is breakdown: After four years of high school you will need to attend an University/College to earn a four years degree. You can earn the bachelors degree in any field of your choice as long as you finish classes required for medical school application. During third/fourth year in college, you will have to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and apply to medical school early fourth year. Medical school is four years followed by three to five years of residency, if not more. I suggest you visit the website below.
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Zillah Zillah
After high school...you need to attend college and take the pre-med courses. After college, you will need to apply to medical school. In high school, take all the AP courses you can. Don't let your grades slip...in fact...you should try to bring them up. Do well on your SAT's and apply to many top quality Colleges. Good Luck.
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