Good paying jobs for High Schooler?

Good paying jobs for High Schooler? Topic: Business plan for small online store
July 20, 2019 / By Edun
Question: I've been forever looking for a job. I'm 17, a senior in high school. I have bad anxiety and I want a job because I feel it would help but nothing with people so much. Maybe working in the back of some place. The only thing I am okay with is working with kids. I want to work on this really bad and I also need a good paying job because home life is really really hard. I have to buy my own food and clothes and pay for my phone and I don't have any money really... If anyone has any ideas it would be a great help. Even online things would be great. I am a photographer and trying to start my own website and that's how i've been making some money by selling my pictures. If you have ideas on how to do better on that...anything would help. seriously. please and thank you (:
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Campion Campion | 8 days ago
Here is my freebie business idea for you. If you want to do something at home involving computers just tell your friends and relatives that you are doing a PC and laptop virus cleaning service for $25-$35 and they must bring the computer to you. Go to the McAfee web site and download the Stinger.exe free tool and get a small thumb drive that you can copy that program to. When they bring the computer over you download the newest version of Stinger to the thumb drive and stick it in their computer and start the scan running. It may take a few minutes or a few hours depending on the computer's disk size and utilization. It requires no interaction so you just start it running and go do other things while it runs. After it is done it will list any stuff it found and you can report that to the user. Charge them an extra $5-$10 if they want to have an anti-virus program installed and you go out to Microsoft and install Microsoft Security Essentials (a free program). If they want an anti-malware program, charge them a few more dollars and download and install the free version of MalwareBytes for them. This cleanup is not technically hard and you can try it on your own computer to get the hang of it. Don't plan to fix the computer at their location as the Stinger scan can take 2-3 hours. Also, you need to coordinate this business venture with your parents so you don't get yourself into any difficult situations where people won't pay you or where you have to deal with creepy people. Putting ads or flyers out can be good and bad news as it may get you business but it may get you the risk of dealing with strangers. Honestly once the word gets out that you are doing the service you may have family and friends enough to keep you busy. Another thing to keep in mind is that sooner or later your customers will click on some link or go to some bad web site and pick up another virus that may bypass the free protection you installed. If you have done a good job they will be back for more help - and make you another $25 to fix it all over again. This is called repeat business! Also, you can contact all the pawn shops or thrift stores in your area and tell them you can do these same virus cleanup services for them. A common issue they have is getting in any computers that the password has been lost on and you tell them that you can break into those for them. Sometimes people will pawn a computer and then not get it out in time. When the pawn shop gets ready to sell it they discover the computer is password protected and they don't have the password. To perform the break-in you will download the free Trinity Rescue Kit and create a CD that will let you boot the computer and change the password without you needing to know the old password. The pawn shop may pay you in cash or store credit. You can work out a trade deal with them for music CDs, DVD movies, electronics or other items they may have for sale. These could be some baby steps for you to start into a career in computers!
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Alic Alic
Depends on your income level. My son works and he is a Senior in high school. He claims 0 during the year and 1 at the time he files his income tax return. He gets back everything he pays in because he doesn't make enough to pay in.
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Alic Originally Answered: High paying computer jobs?
Computer Science and Programming are not for eveyone and they are just a small part of the jobs in IT. It is not a matter of a lack of intelligence but a matter of logic and math skills and some other intangibles I'm trying to research. This is a list of characteristics of successful software developers. These were developed by a group of three very gifted software development co-workers: Musical talent Detail oriented Thinks in terms of modules steps or sequencing Math is important – but even more logic A talent in building physical things like (As a kid maybe Legos) You might have a messy desk but you can easily find things on it Creative Not highly sociable (small group of friends) Not highly interactive in group discussions Obsessive Compulsive Bulldog tenacity in completing what they begin Lose all sense of time while completing tasks Has intense focus on hobbies and/or games Passionate about the work they produce Pursues knowledge (in depth) to master challenges or to form a solution There are many IT positions that don't require programming. Some of the non-programming oriented 4 year Bachelors degree majors are Computer Information Systems (What I have), Information Technology and Information Systems. Colleges will call these by different titles. You may have to look at the course listing to see if they have programming course or not. You will probably take 2-3 basic programming course even in non-programming majors. Here is a list of non-prorgamming jobs: Computer Technician - Works on computer hardware at user location or in service center. (entry level IT Job) Service Center Coordinator - Schedules the repair of user community computers, orders spare parts, schedules staff, establishes priorities, maintains loaner laptops and non-US laptops for travel outside of US. Help Desk Staff - answer questions and resolve problems for the user community. (entry level IT Job - Tier 1 support) Storage Administrator - in charge of mass storage servers and devices. Network Administrator - Works on routers, switches, hubs, cables, load balancers and all the other hardware that handles LAN and WAN network traffic. Also, may be responsible for IP phone service. Systems Administrator or Systems Engineer- Works with servers, laptops and desktop computers to keep them free of problems and secure the data they contain. Responsible for Security group creation and memberships, server patching, anti-virus protection updates, password changes and any automated mechanisms that make these changes. These positions may be divided into server and desktop teams. Tier 2 support. Enterprise Administrator - Handles Enterprise support and design issues. Tier 3 support. Active Directory Administrator - Designs and administers Active Directory infrastructure, AD policies, access permissions, roles, group policies, separation of duties. Exchange and Messaging Administrator - maintains mail systems servers, other mail related devices and the company messaging infrastructure. Backup Administrator - Maintains backup devices and determines backup strategies so data that was deleted accidentally or intentionally can be recovered. Design and control how and when data is backed up, where the backups are stored and how long the backups are retained. They will test to be sure backups are valid and usable. Disaster Recovery Specialist - Plans for disaster events so the company data and infrastructure can be brought back online as quickly as possible after a fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism or other disaster event. Plans for failover of services to alternate locations, if the primary location is not available. Database Administrator - Maintains the company databases which may include customer and sales records, billing information, inventory and other data. Computing Security Specialist - A company's biggest asset is its data and the Computing Security Specialist will work to try to keep that data protected from loss. They may be dealing with and defending against viruses, hoaxes, malware, keyloggers, phishing attacks, internal attacks and domestic and foreign intrusion. Develops monitoring and interception systems, filters and strategies and works with appropriate government agencies. Corporate IT Acquisition Specialist - Works with acquired outside companies to establish migration into the corporate computing infrastructure. Data Center Administrator - Maintains the data center facilities where the company's servers and other devices reside. They are responsible for physical security and may review badge reader and camera information to be sure that only individuals with proper access are getting close to the company's servers and other critical devices. In a small business the list above might be one or two people doing all these jobs. In a large Enterprise environment this could be hundreds of people. Best wishes!

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