Can you give me advice about middle school?

Can you give me advice about middle school? Topic: homework sheets for kids
July 19, 2019 / By Jaylin
Question: I am moving out soon.My new school is middle school.But i am only 10.I am really exicted but nervous.I am a special ed student.When if the older kids be mean?What if the teacher is mean??????????Helppppppppppppppppppppppp...
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Gale Gale | 3 days ago
Ok so here's my own #1 rule DON'T WORRY it will help you through the first few days then you will get used to middle school. :) Do- 1. Try to keep all supplies in your locker some day your teacher will make you take out something that is at home and then -___- 2. Dress nicely but not scampy. 3. Try to make new friends because you may not be with your friends and that can make you nervous. 4. Be cautious with what you say it can hurt someone elses feelings and give you and that person a bad reputation. 5. BE ORGANIZED because if your not you can loose things like homework and supplies 6. try to keep something like a calendar with you for due dates. (alot of schools give these out but if your doesn't their very cheap and small for convenience) DON'T- 1. Try to be cool by making fun of people because that will get you allot of haters 2. lose locker convo or schedule because those two things will help you get through the first week. (also try to not write down locker convo on another sheet because that is another paper you can lose and if someone else finds it :O) 3. Wait until the very last minute to finish a report or project because they are usually more important than homework and will most likely make you fail. 4. Let yourself be bullied or bully. 5. Get in cliques (DON'T) Other things that may help are that some teachers give tons of homework but don't let that bug you because others don't give any at all. You might get lucky my ELA teacher would not give us homework at all while my science teacher would give us plenty of it. People are changing and want to date don't because right now dating can get you off your studies. Gym- Basically you will need extra clothes but not on the very first day. Don't worry about changing in front of others everyone else is just waiting to leave so nobody will pay attention (maybe your friends will but their friends xP)oh and some schools you can change were nobody sees u :) Science- Don't worry too much sometimes it can be a very difficult subject but if you study you will pass Social Studies-For me it was very easy but it depends on your teacher if you have trouble on a specific topic whenever you get on your computer look it up for a while. Math- Many people find math hard and others don't but remember that mostly some teachers give math homework everyday but just do your homework you will have time to play and have fun. ELA- This subject is very easy if you just pay attention if you get to choose where you sit, go with a few people you know if you need help ask them for it. thts just some things dont worry if your special ed you just need help my cousin is in special ed and loves her teachers :)
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Gale Originally Answered: Advice for going into middle school! ASAP!:)?
Middle school only lasts three years. You will notice that the teachers will be a LOT less caring about you. This is how school is truly like. In Elementary school, your teacher was probably your best friend. In middle school, they're about half as nice, and in high school there's no kindness at all. Boys - boys are going through puberty in middle school and will try to have sex with you. They will probably be perverted and rude, so ignore them and don't take what they say personally. Cliques - Normal until the end of high school. Homework/Teachers - Teachers are snappy and they expect you to get your work done even if you were absent. There's homework, but in high school the amount triples. Lockers - You usually don't have them in middle school. Fashions - Every girl in middle school wears an abercrombie top, slutty short shorts, and flip-flops. You better stock up. Period - Periods suck and they hurt and make you smell like a rotten fish.

Derby Derby
middle school is a place where everyone finds out who they truely are.... my best advice would be to talk/interact with your classmates and teachers because if ur shy you'll most likely be pushed to the side. make sure you know your teacher at a teacher-student level so you guys can get along. with students just try to make friends by finding little things you guys have in common. thats how i found my best friend in middle school. remember be yourself and let your emotions come out as they should. well goodluck and have an amazing first day of middle school <3
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Benjamin Benjamin
If any student who bullies you or gives you a hard time. PLEASE tell your teachers, guidance councilor or even school principal. There will be a lot of students who will be new in your school. There is usually a table in the cafeteria reserved for special education students. You don't have to sit there during lunch, but it would be a good place to go to socialize with your peers. Sometimes the paraprofessionals sit there too. The aids/ paraprofessionals are really nice. They can make you feel comfortable in your new school.
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Abbott Abbott
some middle schools are more like high school, you have classes you pick from, not sure if that's your school or not. hope that helps
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Abbott Originally Answered: Please give me some advice i have been doing badly in school i dont care anymore i use to be a b student?
Wow, the same thing happened to me...I thought I'd even repeat year 11 just to try and get into university but I hated school and didn't even finish. I stayed long enough to go to the school ball and then I left! I worked for a year and then I went to Tafe (college) and studied beauty therapy for 2 years. This gave me confidence and I actually enjoyed the class. Then since I had a diploma in beauty I used that to get into pre-med...can you believe that??? I don't know how it was even possible. So don't feel bad because school isnt for everyone...it certainly wasn't for me! As for raising your grades put on your favourite movie or CD and study for as long as that plays. Once it has finished then stop studying and go have some fun! I do this when I am studying for exams. Find a study buddy too.I have one and if you can half the work between you then there is less for you to do! Works a treat!

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