I'm starting a new school in a new town this monday?

I'm starting a new school in a new town this monday? Topic: Starting a homework help clubs
July 20, 2019 / By Jonie
Question: Ok, well my family moved, and i have to switch schools. My first day is in 2 days. I want to know how to make friends with people in a new school. i mean, what should i say on the first day, when everybody will be talking about what they did with their summer? I just need any sort of advice on friends about starting a new school! But please dont say "be yourself" because I know i will, but what should i acutally say. By the way, I have moved over 7 times (i'm 13), but somehow i jsut keep forgetting how to make friends at the start of school, because most of the time, i usually start school in the middle of the year.
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Genia Genia | 9 days ago
you moved 7 times! wow! that's alot! Starting a new school is hard. I started a brand new school in grade 6 and i was extremely shy, and didn't know anything about making friends, and i waited for people to come and talk to me. That was a bad idea! This year i am going into a new school, but most of the kids from my middle school will be going to the same high school as me, so it wont be too bad. But still it's hard to go to a new building , with a new schedule etc. I'm also pretty scared about changing teachers for each class because in middle school we had one teacher for everything except gym and band. To make new friends try to compliment people. Say things like i like your purse or nice necklace. And then say your name. Something like that. And always try to look friendly. Smile alot too, then people will want to approach you. Also another way to break the ice is to ask someone for help. Maybe ask the girl that sits behind you were the bathroom is or what was last nights homework etc. Those are some of the things I'm trying. I'm not the best of making new friends either. Also try to join any clubs, that way you can meet new people. and don't be intimidated by girls who look popular or wear nice clothes. Also try talking to girls who are a bit shyier too. Tell me how your first day went tomorrow. good luck! <3
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Genia Originally Answered: School on Monday and i have BAD anxiety! Help?
Are you a freshman? Freshman year is one of the easier years to make friends because everyone is new. Everybody is just looking for someone to latch onto in each of their classes. On the first day, sit by someone you don't know. You don't have to start chatting them up, but just make it apparent that your friendly. As a shy person myself, I completely understand how hard this is. People automatically assume you're stuck-up and/or unfriendly because you don't like to start talking right away, and it's so so frustrating. Again, you don't have to be super chatty; just appear friendly. Smile at them, say hi, and tell them your name. I know eating alone at lunch sounds terrifying, but I actually love it. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert, but I love getting to sit by myself for a little while, listen to my music, and read a book or do homework. And who knows? Maybe someone will come to you ask if you want to sit with them and their friends. About 95% of the times I sat alone at lunch, somebody came up and asked if I wanted to sit with them. The reality is you probably aren't going to have a ton of friends in high school. I'm in my senior year and I have 3. I've stuck with them since the beginning of freshman year and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I don't feel like I have to conform to some stupid stereotype. I wish you lots of luck tomorrow.

Del Del
Moving around that much isn't fun I know I had moved soo many times when I was in school and finding friends was soo hard especially knowing i would just end up leaving them later. Everytime I went to a new school the first day I would take it easy and observe people and see who is the most interesting or would be fun to get to know and then the next day i would find something to ask them like maybe can i borrow a pencil and then just strike up conversations to see what happens. Thats just what I used to do. I think you will be fine though. Just don't pick the wrong crowd. And only make friends with the ones who will encourage you to be great!
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Brooke Brooke
Well, obviously, don't act stuck up...and sometimes when you are nervious and shy, it can come off as you being stuck up. Smile and say hi to everyone. If they are talking about their summer, then make eye contact a few times then incorporate yourself in the convosation casually. Maybe start a convo over clothes or accessories (sp?). That always bonds girls...that and talking about guys. If the teacher isn't the best...simply make a joking statement...and you guys may start talking about it and before you know it, you have a new friend...or boyfriend! My advice may not be good cause I've never been in your place, but I hope it helps...and good luck!:)
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Alivia Alivia
Wow, want to know whats weird? I barely remember actually the first time of talking to my friends...this is all i can remember for my friend julie, we were in 3 hr block and sat by each other, i just lauged at something..and we started talking. For my good friend megan, we were in each others spanish and p.e class, p.e we were running by each other and just talked bout w/e and in spanish, well she was good at spanish so i saw her as more of the smart girl. didnt think we'd ever be friends. and i'd cheat off of Her and ask her questions, then i would bring my madlibs and ask them for nouns etc etc. so just w/e, but im the weird and hyper type so thats just me. But just talk about school,good/awful teachers, guys, etc etc. hOpE i HeLpEd!
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Uria Uria
its not hard to make freinds.. they usually just happen. go about your day like you would without it. you will see things starting to work out for you soon enough.
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Rocky Rocky
people usally go up to the new person and talk to them so dont worry if that doesnt work talk to people in your classes just dont kiss a$$
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