What are some positive and negative sides to video games?

What are some positive and negative sides to video games? Topic: Puzzling puzzles problem solving game
June 20, 2019 / By Melech
Question: I need to write an essay about a topic with a positive and negative side. It needs to be quick and easy. :D
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Best Answers: What are some positive and negative sides to video games?

Joktan Joktan | 6 days ago
Some help with hand eye coordination (or foot eye in the case of DDR =)), entertainment, thought process/problem solving (puzzle games), weight loss/active (with games like Wii games), can give some experience (small amount) with things such as driving/steering Costs money, many are inactive-make you lazy, addictive, can interfere with responsibilities, some are violent/graphic
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Hadwin Hadwin
Positive- Hand eye coordination, quick reflexes, fast thinking. Feeling of achievement, self esteem, and rightful pride. Negative- Ruins eyesight, distraction from homework/social life, and more fierce emotions to victory or failure as time passes with exposure to video games.
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Earle Earle
Positive - sense of achievement, interaction with others from across the world, entertainment negative - it isn' REAL achievement in RL - time waster, distraction from homework/social life/work
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Byron Byron
hi positive: some games help you think more, they help you with problem solving negative: you get hooked, you can play them for many hours and then you rerealize that you still need to do your homework when it's really late, hope it helps a bit, that's all i can think of
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