Paper topic ideas.african american history?

Paper topic ideas.african american history? Topic: Ideas for us history papers
June 20, 2019 / By Neill
Question: I have 2 papers due on Monday. Both papers need to be 1-3 pages double spaced. These papers are for 2 different classes. African American History to 1865 and African American Identity (pretty much a class on Critical Race Theory). I was thinking writing about the conditions on the slave ships for the History to 1865 but not sure. We have covered race based slavery, the eugenics movement, social darwinism, genetics in sports and difference among races. So I have some things I can write about, but I'm curious to see what other people come up with for topics. Thank you
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Kieron Kieron | 8 days ago
Contrabands black soldiers in the Civil War Influence of African music on modern Western music,particularly in USA.
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Huffie Huffie
Try something about slavery on African Americans. It is an interesting topic that you can find a lot of information about.
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Eric Eric
maybe about how, scientifically, race doesn't exist because our DNA is 99.99% similar around the world-- or how scientists believe that we all origionated from Africa
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