Would you pay $1000 to bring Jerry Garcia back from the dead?

Would you pay $1000 to bring Jerry Garcia back from the dead? Topic: Different business plans
June 19, 2019 / By Noll
Question: I'm thinking about starting a foundation to help fund SETI in hopes that alien technology can help us resurrect Jerry. The question is, is this business plan sound?
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Best Answers: Would you pay $1000 to bring Jerry Garcia back from the dead?

Kurtis Kurtis | 10 days ago
If it was possible, yeah, I'd put up the dough, but your business plan isn't too sound Bud. Even in the unlikely event that SETI does make contact with extra-terrestrials, and in the even more unlikely chance that they know how to resurrect their dead, it doesn't necessarily follow that they'd be able to resurrrect OUR dead. I'm sure our dead would be grateful if they could, but life out there may be more different from us than we are from the amoeba!
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Irwin Irwin
It sounds like a lost cause to me. He was Dead before he was dead. Besides, he's sold a pile of neckties and such since his death and probably made more money that when he was alive/Dead, so he might not be grateful.
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Faron Faron
I don't know about that foundation, but....lol. If I could I would definatley pay $1,000 to bring JG back from the dead. My dad would pay $5 mill, he loves him.
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Crofton Crofton
I'm "Grateful" he's "Dead"....leave him rest in peace..( besides there isn't enough cocaine in the world to keep him alive)
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