Brother fell in love with the wrong girl, please help?

Brother fell in love with the wrong girl, please help? Topic: New girl the sister
June 26, 2019 / By Osman
Question: Hello! Thank you for viewing this question as it is VITAL that I help him. So first of all, my younger brother is going through puberty and might be 'sometimes' really secretive, and I have to beg him and maybe even force it out of him! HAHA the beauty of having an older sister :) However, he has made many wrong choices in life, well around the beginning of the new school year he started liking this girl (who we shall call Alice, from now on) and she was nice and all according to him.. however I only truly found out why he liked her and it was *sigh* for her looks. Well, first of all she's blonde, blue eyes and scandinavian. BUT, unfortunately after all she started dating someone else but I'm guessing he still liked her during that? However, 3 months later he got to know this other girl (who we shall now call Amy) who he liked and she was actually prettier than Alice! And she also happened to be my best friend's younger sister. And because of this, I got to know Amy better and she is one of the most sweetest, kindest and loving girls ever! For example, once we (as in our gang) was mad at my best friend, Amy came over and talked to us about it and tried to tell us how upset she was. So back to the story, so 2 months ago I found out that my brother liked Amy! And I was so happy :) But sadly, last month she started to date another boy. But 2 weeks ago, they broke up and Amy realized she liked my brother but he didn't like her back? So here are the facts:- 1) YES, I know I shouldn't be meddling with my brother's love life but I feel like Amy could be the ONE for my brother because they would look so cute together first of all, and secondly she is just the sweetest girl ever. Whereas, Alice is one of the girls that everyone hates. Apparently she flirts with almost everyone and wears "revealing clothes" and she's just plain mean. 2) Amy actually asked my brother who he liked and he said Alice. And she was really upset! Please help me! I'm just trying to help my brother out because I'm afraid he's going to miss the chance with Amy which is really upsetting seeing as she really likes him and they match a lot judging by personality! I didn't write this all for nothing, so please if you read it, try give some feedback and some tips as to how I could convince my brother? He listens to me sometimes but he wasn't really interested in talking about this topic with me. I'm just really worried about him, please help me Yahoo community! **** 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER **** AND IF YOU HELP ME WITH A USEFUL ANSWER, I WILL GO ON YOUR PROFILE AND VOTE FOR YOU IN ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE ANSWERED BECAUSE THIS IS HOW IMPORTANT MY BROTHER IS TO ME!! THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE <3 :) xxx P.S Please comment if you want their ages? Because that honestly doesn't even matter that much!
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Best Answers: Brother fell in love with the wrong girl, please help?

Leonard Leonard | 6 days ago
Wow you are really nice and protective sister wish I had one. So back to the question Your not meddling with my brother's love life you are older than him and you know what is good and what is bad by your own experience. I think your brother is just confused about both of them. Just talk to him about the bright side of Amy and she likes him and the dark side of Alice probably he will understand that Amy is the right girl for him. But still if he doesn't understand the fact you cant do anything about it. He will eventually find his own love so don't panic about it. You really care for him but you should also give him a private space. Hope it helps. And one important thing - KEEP CALM AND DON'T PANIC. :)
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Jalon Jalon
Wow, very complicated. First of all, I would say talk to your brother about Alice and her "good" deeds, and compare her to Amy. I mean guys are like blinded when they are in love. They believe nothing but the one he loves. Give him reality, don't go easy on him. I mean reality is reality, tell him if he keeps liking her, he'll miss out on a great opportunity. He wouldn't need to be in pain and see Alice flirting with all the other guys and instead, he would be with Amy and having a great time. I think he likes Alice because she is revealing her body and I mean most guys like that. But before that, ask him, why doe she like Alice. Looks just ruin the relationship even more. Hope this helps. I'm not really good with explaining and stuff. And plus he has a long time before he needs to find the real ONE. Haha, good luck sista!
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