Why haven't you chosen Judaism as your religion of choice?

Why haven't you chosen Judaism as your religion of choice? Topic: Case status changed closed
July 17, 2019 / By Lashonda
Question: Just curious. Judaism welcomes converts, we all know that. Why haven't you considered converting to Judaism? Is it something about Judaism or just that you have no interest in God now?
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Jessamyn Jessamyn | 6 days ago
Well, firstly, the latest version of the christian bible believes there's some kind of new covenant that somehow changed the status of God's Chosen People. Secondly, being one of them means you are in for a lot more than you expect. Personally, after having a Jewish Father and Grandmother, and seeing what the Jews go through, I am kind of happy being a Goyem christian, thank God. Not that I don't have the utmost respect for Jews, because I do. It is indeed a heavy burden upon them to be the people God goes to first. In retrospect, everything that was predicted about the Crucifixion of Jesus and the fall of Jerusalem was fulfilled, almost 2000 years ago. Prophesy doesn't have to be something you like, or dislike, as the case may be, it's what it is. Just the facts, so to speak. Peronsally, I think that the 7 heads (WTC) and the whore that sits on many waters (Statue of Liberty) kind of comes close to what happened on 9/11, especially when you include that stuff about ruling over the kings of the earth (UN) and that Babylon (Iraq), which we all should be able to find on a map after thousands of years, has indeed fallen. But I know nothing about prophesy like these people who memorize verses do. But then, Jesus was never about Jesus, but about God. So, we're kind of splitting hairs on this one anyway. Same God, different day.
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Florry Florry
I'm not quite sure what to say right now. This is wrong. I know that you are not explicitly saying "convert," but this is just a bit inappropriate for a Jewish person to ask non-Jews. Yes, we accept coverts, but we don't seek them. People that are not Jewish are not considered condemned, so there is no need for them to convert. We only encourage those that believe in their heart of hearts that they HAVE to be Jewish to be complete. It requires taking on much more responsibility and will be judged more critically than they would otherwise, so if they are not 100% committed to it, it is not recommended that they convert. It is against the principles of Judaism to try to convert those that are not committed to it.
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Damiana Damiana
I actually love Judaism. They have some pretty deep and good ideas, and big culture, most people, don't know much about Judaism, however. That's why you always have to start on square one with most non-Jewish people.
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Blythe Blythe
* I'm not called to be Jewish. My best friend was and converted this year. Why did U convert AWAY from Judaism? Why do u post such hatred of Jews on ur profile? Why did u become a Xtian?
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Aiyana Aiyana
Well, the big problem there is that they claim that the Jews are God's chosen people and only they will ever be saved. Because, y'know, a big angry god who won't let you call him by his name is SO much better than following Odin, who at least has some kindness towards humanity and doesn't demand our obesiance.
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