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June 16, 2019 / By Tierra
Question: I'm a very curious person and wanted to share different ideas and get different opinions about subjects. I won't go into too much depth but for who has some prior knowledge can shed some more light on the subjects for me. Thanks I've read different articles about 9/11 being an inside job, and explosive materials found by FEMA in the rubble of the twin towers, and the WTC building that wasn't hit by planes and collapsed for no reason. I read about operation northwoods(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods) which was a false flag operation that called for CIA agents to commit genuine acts of terrorism on U.S. cities and elsewhere. Operation Northwoods included proposals for hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. Luckily Kennedy wouldn't sign it, and it never happened. He was later killed, coincidence? So if this was proposed in 1962 but never happened, do you think G.W. Bush would have signed something like this? makes you wonder. Did aliens really come in contact with ancient Egyptians? If you have time take a moment to look at this youtube video.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxankFWaRFc) Is their really a New World Order? People who run our governments and have so much power they can control most things that happen? Can the Military control the weather? I read an article that said in one of the United Nation's policy or law's that it says no country will manipulate anothers weather by any means. Is that proof that their are ways to control weather? HAARP? Do you believe in Aliens? I'm not sure if i do, but didn't the Egyptians write on walls and tell stories about the sky gods that came down and shared different things with them? If aliens we're to have come down again, they we're probably shot down or shot at and wouldn't want to come back. who knows, just a theory. Doesn't religion automatically disqualify their being life on other planets? Is it possible that religion was created to control the masses?(don't be mad at me for saying that)
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Rosy Rosy | 5 days ago
I also once had thoughts but now I have narrowed it down to a strong theory with new reforming or building thoughts If one reads the Religious texts it speaks clearly of Life being everywhere in different forms EVEN rivalries with one god and his clan and the next. Religion once TAUGHT Super-Sciences and Morality it was those later with Greed Aspirations(e.g. Knights Templar was religious but collided with the greed rich of the french king!) that used it to quell the next gallileo or the next Renaissance. Today though they have better opiates!- Oprah's, Cruises, Ice and Ectasy, TV, Beer, Footy etc The Mahabrata, the Vedas, The Egyptian Pyramid Texts even The Bible point towards The gods having powers starting life and most of all contact with this world in many cases I think the better qn could be - Did the Egyptians come from contact with the Aliens or Higher Gods? Did the Mayas? Did the Incas? Did the Machu Pichu people in particular with their knowledge? Did the Nordics? Did the Easter Island people? Did the Ancient Chinese? Did the Hindus? But its not all THOUGHT!!! There is more evidence to argue for this then you would believe! I know people whom I would trust my life with that have seen at a 20-50m distance a large UFO in 1960's in NSW Australia! They are there, if that satisfies your curiosity All this can be found AND More for doubters, lost minded skeptics, believers and neutrals on dr.greers Disclosure Project, von Daeniken's books and nick pope's open skies closed minds Now Politics - New World Order does in some even many ways control our thinking if we allow them and our govts if again we allow them. Take today mass media controlled by 2 big parties alp or libs whom misinform and deluded the working Aussie - I believe the same can and does occur in america and certaintly in Foreigner/Do-Gooder ruled BRITAIN! Its purpose - to control profits and pursuade on a daily basis the Worker to not revolt or strike or pack up and leave. Its also used to control legislation which in the mining tax part helped Mr.Palmer(leech) and his Rio Tinto cronies from the terror of giving to the people some $ for destroying their LAND Who does the New World Order consist of? - The Wealthy, The Foreigner Wealthy in some cases(jews alike) and puppet politicians. What people dont Realise is that The Policies a Government makes dictates the lives and conditions of living you will live? Want proof if your an African then you dont have to move a muscle! If your an Aussie it could be the same or look to the Abo or homeless or struggling impoverished low working families! If your a Yank look at the millions in homelessness and those millions more continually losing their houses and jobs in the FREE AMERICA But... look to Norway - Where you can live well, you can get a job, you can go to University without taking a oath of slavery to the banks or us doodle army! And why because their govt doesnt take **** from anyone and Most of All has high tax that works straight back for their citizens And note: Norway is not a member of the EU!!! If Every Nation declared themselves out of the World Trade Organisation and co whom can control the agenda of nations(go and ask South America/Africa) if they dont let the UN or their stupid Refugee Charter(go and ask me about it!) and if they Focus Honestly and Decisively in maintaining their National Soverignty and Self-Sufficiency(peoples and economy) then this New World Order the trans-national leecher will be removed from our worries Finally on these other things - 9/11 could have been done by the Jews Mossad lost 600 arrested agents 6 months in USA following the attacks. They had every reason and 2 Israeli water corps occupy the Iraqi rivers today! It could have been hit by a rocket locally they scatter the damage critically fracturing the building and the planes do the rest. Osama thinking he has struck the victory proclaims and the Jews move the Queen to the Middlegame! Kennedy is all possibilities - Some say USSR/USA peace, some say Cuba, some say KGB, even the mafia its unknown and apart from Historical purposes and talk I dont know really if has much relevance today. On the Bush chap he was a dummy whom in his own good intentions for us oil and dominance over their enemies entered a Iraq his father could have won but he could only lose. There was however the disclosure project announced for us congress testifying in Mar 2001 at the us press club - it is possible the 9/11 and terror business could convenietly ignore the massing evidence and pressure Its all a game of chess and unless each nation and its native peoples does something about will continue as mere pawns...
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Rosy Originally Answered: Why is this happening to me?
Be who you are and follow your dreams and desires in life and don't give up until you get there. Only then will you be happy with your life. You are the only one that knows what will make "You" a happy balanced person.
Rosy Originally Answered: Why is this happening to me?
Pray to God constantly whilst attempting, as God is helping folks that support themselves alternatively than those people who are lazy. Lord Krisna stated in Bhagavad Gita, we must convey out our works and resign the fruit of our movement. So we have to hold attempting and discover pleasure in doing our paintings, whether or not or now not we get the preferred outcome. We must now not lose wish. Do your great and go away the relaxation to God,it is going to all come correct a few day or night time.

Nadine Nadine
You have to be careful about buying all these conspiracy theory. Before you know it you will be believing Elvis is sill alive. There is not a New World Order, there maybe Aliens. But, I believe there was a civilization before us right here on earth. It is between Genies one and two. When it says the earth was with out form and void. God doesn't create anything from void. 911 was just as it was reported. I saw the planes. The military can not control the weather. No one can. Religion does not automatically disqualify life on other planets. The bible never says that. I believe LBJ had Kennedy killed. Just my opinion. Relax and enjoy life.
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Lorena Lorena
Pray to God consistently while trying, as God helps those who help themselves rather than those who are lazy. Lord Krisna said in Bhagavad Gita, we have to carry out our works and renounce the fruit of our action. So we must keep trying and find joy in doing our work, whether or not we get the desired result. We should not lose hope. Do your best and leave the rest to God,it will all come right some day or night.
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Your bladder is connected to your kidneys by two tubes called the ureters. The kidneys produce urine by the blood vessels that pass through them in structures called the Loop of Henle, where the tightening blood vessel forces excess water, sugars and other nutrients, uric and lactic acids, salts, dead cells, and other waste products out of your bloodsteam into the kidneys for excretion down the ureters to your bladder and eventual voiding when you urinate. If you are seeing blood when you urinate, if could easily be temporary trauma to your kidneys - which can happen if you get punched or kicked, or if you were hit in a sports game, such as football or dodgeball, or even just roughhousing with friends or siblings. Other reasons for blood in your urine can be a kidney infection or even internal damage to your bladder. Generally speaking, if you are seeing darker, more clotted blood, it is usually from higher up in the urinary tract, while brighter red, fresher blood can be from a tear, abrasion, or scratch from just inside the genitalia meatus, or exterior opening of the urinary tract. In either case if the condition persists more than 24 hours or increases in frequency or amount of blood, you should definitely see a Doctor, as issues with your kidneys can become life-threatening if not treated.

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