Suggestions for learning kanji? (japanese)?

Suggestions for learning kanji? (japanese)? Topic: Kanji writing and meaning
June 26, 2019 / By Pharaoh
Question: I am trying to learn japanese, and have perfectly memorized Hiragana and Katakana, but then theres the more complex system of kanji. with over 2000 symbols or something, what's the best way to learn this? Is there a free program for this, and is there a "basic kanji" where other words are built off of, such as combining the symbols for sun and moon to make the word bright? (may not be right, found picture off google images sorta explaining this). What are your suggestions for learning kanji, and what is the importance of learning hirigana and katakana if most words aren't even written in that?
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Lynton Lynton | 4 days ago
What I meant was most words are written in kanji more often than katakana and hiragana. Such as "fire" being written in kanji instead of katakana or hiragana symbols.
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Lynton Originally Answered: I need some help with Japanese! Can't recognize some kanji. Help?
I'll copy the kanjis in order: 1.安全(anzen)... Safe. 2.犯人(hannin)... Criminal. 3.隙(suki).. Oportunity. 4.僕(boku)... I(only fot boys). 5.持(持つ)(mo)... To have. 6.手(te)... Hand(it can have many meanings in each sentence). 7.押(押さえる)(o)... Press 8.時(toki)... Time; moment. 9.対処法(taishohou)... Remedy. 10.刑事(keiji)... Detective. 11.小柄(kogara)... Brief. 12.弱々(yowayowa)... Weak. 13.僕(boku)... I(only for boys). 14.方(hou)... Way to do. 15.力(chikara)... Power. I suposse that you can read hiragana and katana, so I just wrote the kanjis, the translation is part of your homework. xD Any other questions, contact me.
Lynton Originally Answered: I need some help with Japanese! Can't recognize some kanji. Help?
ユリちゃん大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)安心(あんしん)して 犯人(はんにん)の隙(すき)をみて僕(ぼく)が ピストルを持(も)った手(て)を押(お)さえる こういう時(とき)の対処法(たいしょほう)は刑事(けいじ)である 父(ちち)に教(おそ)わっている 犯人(はんにん)は小柄(こがら)で弱々(よわよわ)しい 僕(ぼく)の方(ほう)が力(ちから)もある

Jeffrey Jeffrey
There are some good publications that focus just on learning kanji. Kanji is an important part of the written japanese language. Once you get in your mind how all 3 writing systems work in conjunction with each other, it can become clearer how to learn them. Each person learns differently, so find what helps you learn best and use that. Stroke order is most important. Practise that first, and then start learning level 1 kanji. One good book is 'A guide to remembering Japanese characters'.
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Garret Garret
"what is the importance of learning hirigana and katakana if most words aren't even written in that?" It seems you have never even looked at a Japanese text... My suggestion is just to learn how to spell whatever word you come across with the correct Kanji, do not bother to learn the individual kanji and their readings. If you have trouble remembering the Kanji, I suggest studying their ancient forms: http://www.internationalscientific.org/
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Garret Originally Answered: Japanese Writing-What's the best Kanji to learn first?
I´m teaching myself cantonese, so I have to learn Chinese characters too, the best way is the way that the kids in japan learn it. By grades. I suggest you find a book or website on grade one Kanji, I believe the set is about 100 symbols first, and progressing through the grades, the more symbols in each year. You can obviously learn more then 100 in a year, but that is just what the little 6 year olds learn, so you can probably do grade one and two in the same year. I wish you the best of luck in your learnings! Its a beautiful and COMPLICATED way of writing, so all the better to learn!

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