Can My Mother Take My Son?

Can My Mother Take My Son? Topic: Drug court case stories
July 20, 2019 / By Cailyn
Question: I have a controlling mother who is threatening to take my son. I am 21 yrs old I have a 6 month old boy.. Heres the story: Against my mothers will, I recently told my sons father that he is my "baby daddy" (i hate saying that) anyway my mom found out i told him and blew a fuse ! she wants me to leave the house without my son? saying that shes going to tell the cops to drug test me for marijuana? can she do this? Can she really kick me out and force me to leave my son? I smoked some pot like two weeks ago can they really take my son away if i test dirty? I am so stressed out PLEASE HELP!! I was sure that telling my "baby daddy" that he is a father was the right thing because he is a good hardworking guy and i thought he deserved to know.. now i feel so foolish
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Alphonsine Alphonsine | 7 days ago
No, you may get a small punishment if they find marijuana in your system, but there would need to be proof that you are an unfit parent. Recreational marijuana use does not make you an unfit parent. There may be a court hearing, in which case you explain the situation to a judge, or a social worker may come and interview you.
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Van Van
Yes, if you test positive, she can get temporary custody. It happened to a friend of a friend of mine. If you are forced to leave the house, you can take the baby with you. The police will come if called and either let you take the baby or take you all to the station until things can be worked out. ie you tested, child services called, your mom`s house checked. One of you will get the baby in a few days or so. It was the right thing to do. Now you can get child support. Now that he is in the picture, he can get custody instead of your mom if his house checks out and he has the resources to care for him. She probably did not want him to know cause he will be another person she has to deal with to get your son. Tell him about this problem also.
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Roman Roman
You did nothing wrong, you are legally an adult, and your mother is a nasty controlling bi**h (sorry). Your son's father has every right to know that he's a dad, and to be a part of his son's life if he so chooses. I'd also start thinking about a paternity test and child support. Stop smoking pot, get your $#!t together, get a job and get as far away as you can from mommy dearest- she's poison.
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Mitchell Mitchell
I really hope you didn't smoke with your son around! I can't stand stupid parents that do that. Why would your mom get mad for you telling the father he is your sons dad? You had a baby by him so he does have the right to know. Hmm Im not sure if they can take him from you but I think they can. They might see you as a bad influence to your child.
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Kameron Kameron
Calm down, your mother's blowing smoke. You've never lost custody of the boy, correct? Your mother has no claim to him, and cannot stop you from leaving with him. She can call CPS, which will be a pain, but they will have to find you unfit to remove your son from you. The police aren't going to drug test you just because your mother tells them you've smoked pot. You'd actually need to be caught with the possession of it or under the influence of it for the police or CPS to even be able to take that accusation into consideration. Ditch the pot and anything that goes with it. You shouldn't be smoking it in the first place with an infant to care for.
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Haven Haven
she can't take your baby. She can kick you out though, but not force you to leave without your baby. And, you won't test positive for weed if it was one time 2 weeks ago. If you had been smoking regularly up untill 2 weeks ago, then you would test positive for 30-60 days after depending on how heavy you were using. She doesn't have anything on you.
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Haven Originally Answered: Can My Mother Take My Son?
No, you may get a small punishment if they find marijuana in your system, but there would need to be proof that you are an unfit parent. Recreational marijuana use does not make you an unfit parent. There may be a court hearing, in which case you explain the situation to a judge, or a social worker may come and interview you.

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