Would someone please give me some advice? I'm puzzled?

Would someone please give me some advice? I'm puzzled? Topic: How to write a personal letter heading
June 16, 2019 / By Joi
Question: Ok, to be warned, this is quite personal. I'm 20 and my ex is 19. It has been 11 days since we broke up, and there wasn't a single day, a single moment that went by w/out thinking about her. There's still some love left between us. I wrote her a letter after the fourth day but haven't received any phone call from her. I am now on my vacation and still have two days left. Even on vacation the thought of her still constantly running thru my head. I have this huge urge of calling her. I just miss her so so much. However, my pride is holding me back from doing it. If any of you been thru this, what do you think I should do? Should I give her a call and see?
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Best Answers: Would someone please give me some advice? I'm puzzled?

Gaynor Gaynor | 1 day ago
1st of all who broke up with who and why? If it was a fight and you both ended it you should call her. If she left you she may not want to be with you anymore how ever you still need to call her. if you left her she may be hurting again call her. the only way to make this better is to talk she may not of wrote you back if she is hurt. You need to tell her how you feel and ask her to do the same. Then you can go from there. When you call her tell her you didn't realizee how much she meant to you un tell she was gone tell her you miss her and your going to do what it takes to make things right tell her you have been thinking about her girls love that. they like to feel special and important like they mean somethingg to you. Bring her some flowers girls love flowers this will help heal her wounds.
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this will probably not rid you of this anxiety, because the need to understand things is a hard thing to overcome and when I am done you are going to have more things you do not understand not less so stop here. Our real residence is in the Spiritual realm not here. We are here for a reason and not allowed to escape. It is very like being in prison, though I am not sure our confinment has anything to do with punishment it could be learning or helping or many other things, but we are here, it is for a reason (not everyone has the same reason) and the bars on this prison are space and time. The Bible points out that time in the Spiritual realm is differant but words do not come very close to expose the differances between here and there. There used to be a Guru type who used hypnotism to show this. He would plant the post hypnotic suggestion that a man would put his head underwater and b4 he could remove his head he would live a whole life time and when he emerged he would remember that life. It worked. Not sure it can be repeated by just anybody but the idea is the person understands is, that time as we experience it is different than what reality is like. One time I opened my eyes during a dream which was something I used many techniques to accomplish, I opened my eyes and had a clock sitting right in front of me. The second hand was not moving I thought at first but as I watched it seemed to be moving about as fast as a minute hand and when I made that realization I lost control and slowly the second hand speeded up and it became normal as I awakened. Bible says that in the Spiritual world 1000 years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years. Confused yet. Space is also a method of keeping us here. Moving about in the Spiritual realm is not restricted, in the same ways as it is here. Now your question is about something in the spiritual relm, and to think you can actually understand that or be able to explain it in words is very likely not going to happen. Christians argue about those simpler things that were written in the Bible like what the relationship between Jesus and God is and want to define it. We want to be in control but one of things about being here on earth is that we can not be in control it is, it seems to me, a rule just as hard and fast as time and space. How is anyone going to be able to explain to you about all of God's attributes without you trying to understand those answers in time and space method, but the answer is not here in time and space. We are given a rule book (Bible) ON HOW TO OPERATE HERE WHERE WE ARE CONFINED. It would seem we have the capacity to damage our eternal selves here. Jesus came here to save us from ourselves and in order for Him to accomplish this you must believe He can do it. Knowing all the answers would be nice but apparently thats not the way things work. If you get on the road driving and decide you are in control and do not follow the rules you run the risk of damaging not only yourself but others. Same here. Do not let your pride and need to be in control stop you from being successful here. Your pride may be the reason you are here, as your desire to be an individual who can be in control or just be an individual may be the reason.. We either do not know or can not know, but what are you going to do with what you do know???

Debs Debs
Call her and tell her how you feel. It can go one of a few ways: a) She'll tell you she feels the same and you can get crackin on fixing things. b) She'll tell you she wants time apart and you can rest easy knowing that you've followed up as best u can and given her the opportunity to fix things if she wanted that. c) Do nothing about it and remain in constant wonder, thought and anxiety over not knowing if you've missed this one. OR you could follow my other less advisable options a) You could call her and tell her how you feel - if she doesnt feel the same way, explore the wonderful world of stalking - Nothing says "I love you!" like following a girl everywhere she goes - because you're only keeping her safe right? :D b) **** her best friend - it never fails to show that streak of jelousy you thought she diddnt have in her anymore and as a bonus you get to bask in the pleasure of watching them turn on eachother :D c) Listen to those leprechauns - Burn her house down! Burn it!
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Brittania Brittania
Sounds to me like your in love with this girl. If you don't want to straight up call her than try emailing her first. Girls like to know how a guy feels bout her. So just simply tell her. Ur pride could possibly take a hit, but isn't she worth it?
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Alise Alise
I think it depends on what you broke up over. If it was in the heat of a fight or over something generally that is not a terrible dealbreaker, suck it up and call her. Otherwise you're just gonna keep wondering whether you could have made it work.
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Ultan Ultan
Take a leap of faith. call her. You may not like what you hear, but you never know, you might. Don't spend your time wating on her to call or talk to you, talk to her first. Tell her how you feel. Maybe she will still feel the same.
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The problem with trying for modelling to help build confidence and self-esteem is that it is a highly critical industry. Very few people are accepted. Agencies get 1000s of applications every year and may sign 10-12 new faces. Many agencies may only sign 2 or3. So the odds are stacked against you, and all other new applicants to the industry. It becomes a vicious circle - you try modelling to build your confidence, the agencies refuse you, your confidence takes another knock and so on. Nobody is going to say don`t try for it if that`s what you want to do but go into it prepared with the knowledge of the reality of the bigger picture. Just remember that if you are turned down it is not because there is anything wrong with you, only that you don`t have the potential to do that particular job. If you still want to try you`ll find this information helpful: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsbyEew7z.ZLSvrpul0wAZshBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20120125130247AAS8JtP

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