How Do Morgue Have Access to Dentist Records?

How Do Morgue Have Access to Dentist Records? Topic: Match case search
June 26, 2019 / By Prosper
Question: when you die and they try to match your teeth with your dental records, do they have to get a warrant to obtain your dental records? How do they get access and find out what dentists has our x ray records and stuff? Thanks
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Malcolm Malcolm | 10 days ago
Well first off, it isn't the morgue who obtains these dental records. Dental records and all medical records are confidential until the department of health and general medical council, including police and the court system mandate that the records be released. Once they are released, they are sent to a coroner or medical examiner who specializes in these types of cases. Most of the cases that need a match between a deceased and dental records are legally binding, and the medical examiner chosen to do the investigation and match are usually chosen through the local legal system because of privacy restrictions. The way for the police and coroners to find who our doctors are is to contact the department of health and general medical council where all document of health insurance and free government support are able to be searched. hope this helps.
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Jerahmiel Jerahmiel
The medical examiner does not need a warrant to get access to medical or dental records when they are investigating a death that falls within their legal jurisdiction. All jurisdictions have laws that give the medical examiner or coroner access to records of patients whose deaths they are investigating and in all cases, the responsibility for establishing the identity of an unidentified person rests with the ME. If a person is reported missing, the family provides information about the person's dentist as part of the missing person report. If someone is missing and there is a high probability of a crime, (for example, a witnessed abduction or signs of a struggle in a residence), the police might actually retrieve the records and put them with the missing person case file in case many years go by before the person's remains are located. In other cases, the ME might interview the family to see if they know who the person's dentist is, he might contact the insurance company to see what dentist might have filed claims for the decedent, and I can tell you from personal experience that more than one ME has sat down with the phone book and starting with the A's, called every dentist listed trying to find who treated that person in life.And actually, virtually any bodily x-ray can be used.
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