What do I do??? Please give me advice. QUICK?

What do I do??? Please give me advice. QUICK? Topic: The sisters short story questions and answers
June 16, 2019 / By Mackenzie
Question: Ok so I have asked this but things have since changed a bit. ok so there are really 2 questions but I don't need long answers but i'd appreciate them :) these are the questions: 1. I have the best friend ever and we are SO close but there one problem... her boyfriend and stepsister hate me! well i also hate her boyfriend but try really hard to be his friend but hes SO mean to me and my other friends. What should I do?! drop my friend? Ignore? HELP! 2. We are going to this concert and its me, my best friend, her stepsister, and her boyfriend. We have a few other friends meeting us there and theres this 1 guy going who I really like a lot. The promblems are he knows it and he's already taken. it's SO ackward since he KNOWS I like him the most out oferyone. His girlfriend only said yes because someone said yes for her. How do I act? Please help me! Long stories short: Question 1: my best friends boyfriend and stepsister hate me. what do I do? Question 2: How do I act at the concert? i like him A LOT but he's taken. thanks!!! Please answer quickly!!
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Jehoiachin Jehoiachin | 1 day ago
1. Im sorta in the same thing my friends bf hates me.. but i would just try to ignore them. whenever with them just act like w/e you could care less weather they were there or not... which is like answer to 2. go to the concert. have fun. be you. flirt. but dont over do it. he maybe taken but he may like you too. but also try talking and flirting to other guys.. he may get jealous... but have FUNN dont drop you friend b/c of a bf.. step sisters.. will be that way.. 1/2 my friends cant stand my biological sis... and bf's will come and go friends are forever
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Jehoiachin Originally Answered: Need advice quick?
If you are not deemed unfit by a court, there is little chance that he can get full custody, almost no matter what he might do. Joint custody, only if he takes you to court and wins it. Not too likely if he was so set on abortion, then not involved with your pregnancy. Still possible, though. Many states will not let him surrender parental rights unless there is an adoptive dad in the wings. This is especially true if you are forced to use your states child support enforcement agency. Since his gf threatened (on his behalf) kidnapping, there is a fair chance you can get a restraining order against both of them. You would be wise to look into this.
Jehoiachin Originally Answered: Need advice quick?
I've been through with with my kids father he denied both of them and we were in a relationship. Look it's really hard for a man to take custody from the mother he has to have concrete evidence that the child is in danger and thats still not enough proof so don't stress yourself out it's his loss not yours I'm sure your an exceptional mother so keep doing your thing if he hasn't filed for custody yet he doesn't plan on it so just move on and forget about that jerk

Gay Gay
1: Tell you best frand how you feel tell that they are kinda mean to you. tell her everything you feel. that way she might try to fix it. if she gets offended by this you know she in not your best frand right? with her stepsister same thing. maybe they are jelous who knows. maybe they just are getting a bad vibe off you. if you frand tells you she will fix it and does not try for yourself and try to dig deep down to the solution. 2:totally chill around him act like nothing is between you. pretend your just frands. talk to him say " hey hows life? hows the girl?" blah blah blah this will tell him you are totally confortable with him and his girl and you and not affraid and shy. BE OUTGOING he will really notice you and love the inner you. who knows they could brake up any day. and if you dont go for him now and tell him your not affraid when he is single he will just move right past you and not even think about asking you Good luck with all
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Dewey Dewey
1. Just ignore them. You shouldn't blow your friend off just because her boyfriend!But if it really bothers you bring it up to her. 2. Act cool..be like "Yeah I was interested in you, but now I'm not" to him lol. Cause you don't want to mess with him if he's taken. But maybe flirt with other guys to make him the slightest bit jealous if you want.hah. Trust me it workss!
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Dewey Originally Answered: Some quick legal advice?
What state? This is called Domestic Violence (B/f G/f) in most states or date violence? Bruising or a discoloration may appear within 24 hours. My Glasses were $395 for new lenses and Frames.(08/01/2011) If your eyes have not bee examined within 2 years of last prescription, new exam $65 Seek a legal attorney for all available compensation as each state varies on severity etc.

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