Bite the bullet Americans, you want police, get a gun, you want education for your kids? pay some one?

Bite the bullet Americans, you want police, get a gun, you want education for your kids? pay some one? Topic: Research article on job analysis
June 26, 2019 / By Rich
Question: You want a library, why not buy the books, are we just getting too selfish , why should we just not let everyone fend for themselves?
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Best Answers: Bite the bullet Americans, you want police, get a gun, you want education for your kids? pay some one?

Menahem Menahem | 9 days ago
Quality education isn't cheap. That's the bottom line. We collectively need to wake up and realize that the national discussion on education is being driven by large businesses who prefer importing cheap highly qualified workers or simply shipping research & development and manufacturing to lower cost overseas locations. We all need to sacrifice so that the best and most qualified people become teachers and stay working as teachers. The reason we send our children to private schools is to get away from the bad teachers and the bad students. That's crazy! The truly criminal elements in schools need to be weeded out and sent to reform schools. The bad teachers need to be weeded out and replaced with good teachers. Poor students who can't afford a decent meal should get a couple of square meals a day in school. All this stuff costs money and we all need to sacrifice our SUVs and trips to Disneyworld make sure all our kids are properly educated. See: H1-B Workers and Gains From Trade The NYT reports on the battle of the status of the H1-B program that allows highly skilled foreign workers in the United States for a period of time. The article describes the debate as being between opponents of the visas, who argue that it lowers the wages in the most affected occupations and the supporters who claim that they cannot find enough skilled workers in the United States. It would have been helpful to include some economic analysis. By increasing the supply of highly skilled workers, the H1-B program undoubtedly reduces the wages for the most affected occupations. According to standard trade theory, this is precisely the point of the program. Allowing firms to get lower paid workers will reduce their cost and increase the economy's potential output. It is the same argument that is used for the gains from getting cheap textiles or steel from foreign producers. The argument from high-tech employers, that they simply can't get enough high tech workers in the United States is ridiculous on its face. If these jobs paid millions of dollars per year (like jobs at Wall Street investment banks), then highly skilled workers would leave other occupations and develop the skills necessary to work in high tech occupations. Obviously, Bill Gates and the other high tech employers cited in this article want to be able to employ high tech workers at lower wages. The issue is wages, not a shortage. Posted by Dean Baker on April 1, 2008 5:33 AM
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I pay over $17,000 PER YEAR to send my 2 kids to Catholic schools. AS SUCH... the fact that they are NOT in public school EVEN THOUGH I am STILL paying TAXES.... means that there is MORE money for your kids. Oddly... no matter how much more we "fund education".... America's public school kids test-in at a SHAMEFUL 14th place. But I agree.... TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for yourselves and your children. I don't NEED and I don't WANT the Government "helping" me do anything execpt running the military and delivering my mail.
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Haig Haig
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If we did that prosperity might break out everywhere. The progressive fascists would never allow that, their need to control and lust for personal power is far too great.
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