How can us atheists overcome this strong as steel tough objection to atheism?

How can us atheists overcome this strong as steel tough objection to atheism? Topic: Objection calls for a conclusion
June 19, 2019 / By Cady
Question: I am an agnostic/atheist but (teetering towards theism of a Christian kind) I'd like to get that out there first of all to be honest. But I am having problem overcoming a tough objection. How could I respond to this? Fact: Since us agnostics/atheists believe there is no after life or at best we become one with the universe again...then what is our objective purpose to life? Objection: Since science has shown the universe is dying and all humans will die (unless theists are right and God steps in and saves us) then that means even if the atheist moves to the universe all atheists will end up dead. Final Conclusion (this is the tough objection I can't get over) That means that any good an atheist does on this planet will not be remembered. In the end all good we do here is really in vain as it is dust in the wind and everything dies. Tough objection: I can't over come this, on the atheist view it seems to be true. As an atheist do you also agree with this conclusion to atheism? Seems to me the theists have one over on us here as they believe in eternal life and a God that judges and rewards them eternally for their decisions and actions. Our actions however do not last and all good is forgotten. It seems I can't get past this stumbling block to atheism? Isn't it true on our view everything ultimately is meaningless? A Christian asked this question to 2 atheists and the atheist said (you'll hear him ask it and her evade it) that she could answer it but when the Christian said "Ok tell me how you are going to escape the death of the Universe?" - the atheist evaded and never responded. It seems to me (see video of that call below) that atheists can't answer this as the answer is what the Christian is saying and the Christian seems to be right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGQWbAKEua0
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Allyson Allyson | 4 days ago
We all believe something therefore we are all religious. If you are right that nothing happens after death than it ought not matter to you. But you aren't sure are you?
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You have posted this at least three times, and you have received quite a few answers. The "objection" you raise is not, as I told you before, "tough" at all -- far from it. Stop giving yourself so much credit for supposedly coming up with some "tough objection," because, in fact, that objection is really quite lame and weak. "Strong as steel"? Don't make me laugh. And stop posting this. You are violating the rules.
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Rollo Rollo
In my opinion, it doesn't matter if we 'matter' or not in the future. The purpose of life is not to be remembered for eternity, unless you are an ambitious viking warrior or something. The purpose of life is to be happy, and have as long a life as possible to enjoy that happiness. I don't care if humanity doesn't matter in the big picture. What matters is the here and now. We humans have this need to feel superior and important, and that's all you're feeling right now.
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Milford Milford
Objection to reality does not negate reality. That is called denial. The religious are masters of denial.
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Kade Kade
1) Science has said no such thing, in fact, as the universe continues to expand, the death of stars leads to the birth of an exponential number of more stars. 2) Science does not require you to believe what it actually says to be true. 3) "I don't believe you", when referring to "gods", does not lend itself to being "objected to" unless you are A- a practicing fascist, or B- can present an actual, PROVEN "god".
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