Any ideas on reports about trebuchets?

Any ideas on reports about trebuchets? Topic: Report english essays
June 19, 2019 / By Ridley
Question: im doin a report for english hon class and my team has to write a 10 page essay and include pictures...im doin a poster board but i wana help out on the essay. any ideas?
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Best Answers: Any ideas on reports about trebuchets?

Merrill Merrill | 7 days ago
Try some of the links below. From Wiki you can access other links as well. That's probably also true even of the hobby pages (build your own trebuchet). The hobby pages also have nice pictures, or type "trebuchet" into the image search on any of the search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc). Good luck!
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Jordan Jordan
There is this english farmer that has one. He once flung a mini cooper with one. He also flung lit 50 gal bbls of burning oil across a field.
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Jordan Originally Answered: I need ideas of what to draw?
Well, it seems to me you have the entire world of options to choose from!^^ If you've drawn buildings, you could expand on that theme and try drawing some intensely complex architectural illustrations and, this time, include and entire street scene with cars, people, foliage etc. OR, you could segue completely away from illustrating buildings and try something involving drawing a person...or a PART of a person, such as a complex study of the eyeball; practicing your skill at conveying reflections... OR, you could do a study of a challenging, steriotypically difficult subject such as the human nose or a hand and try to capture all the subtle nuances of veins, the subtle intricacy of the bones, shadows on the fingers to reflect their cylindrical properties, the even more subtle shading, light and details which make up the fingernails... OR, you could draw a piece of machinery or a tool as a study of preportion, shadow, light, intricate details etc...such as a motor, something with gears (watch-face interior perhaps?) or a simple clamp- involving depiction of a complex network of threads--which is actually a really huge challenge...not only in illustration, but in heightening your skills of observation and perception. OR, (this following suggestion is my most strong suggestion to you) ...you could draw something which would be an exercize in light source, shadows, texture and drapery, shadows and dimension...such as a still life with fur, crumpled paper, a piece of fabric draped over a prop, and adding to the composition something reflective and cylindrical such as a can, perhaps add couple slices of orange (one flat and one wedge) to practice details of cellular structure...and you could set up your light source and pay careful attention to light and shadows...and double cast shadows etc...and use thickness and strength of line to help convey depth of field...darker and thicker for foreground, medium for middle ground and fading to your horizon line. You could then choose to make more prominant details for the objects closer to you and, as they fade into the distance, you'd then indicate distance with lesser/more blurry details. This would make an interesting project which you could reference for future exercises. This would help you to practice using full tonal range from lightest to darkest and, well your skills gained from such an exercise could then be applied in all future works, regardless of what medium you're working in. You could practice various pencil strokes to convey texture, direction and pattern if you wanted to... The fact you'd be doing this project with a simple sheet of maybe manilla paper, and adding and subtracting light with a few pencils/charcoal or conte ( ranging from very soft/dark to hard/light and also a white pencil for your brightest highlights)...would mean this is a rather simple, inexpensive project where you'd be focusing purely on tonal value and not worrying about the complex nature of color yet (at this stage), which is a whole other ballgame...get the black and white skills sharpened first and then you'll be that much more prepared to delve into a full color project in the future. In terms of drawing, pointalism and cross hatching is something you may wish to incorporate into your roter of future project ideas. So, as I pointed out initially, you have an entire world of possible projects and challenges waiting for you to explore. Whatever you choose, take your time and, above all, have fun!^^
Jordan Originally Answered: I need ideas of what to draw?
Draw leaves falling out of trees, some of them burning as they fall, the White House in the background in ruins, a Bald Eagle with a tear in it's eye.

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