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Gay Marriage Examples? Topic: What to do when citing an article in a paper
July 18, 2019 / By Antuan
Question: I asked in the LGBT section but haven't gotten any help yet, can anyone here help? Gay Marriage Examples? What I need are some good examples of gay couples who were harmed by their inability to marry. For instance, a couple where one partner died and the other did not inherit their property as the couple intended, a partner who was unable to make a medical decision for an indisposed partner, etc. Can anyone link me to good examples of couples who had these problems? I already have the story of Harold Scull and Clay Greene. Will really help with my school work, thank you!! Thanks Carl, that's exactly what I'm looking for what I need though is news articles or blogs or something I can cite for my marriage equality paper. Lucky for you grandfather's girlfriend's daughter though, a new piece of legislation on that same issue has just passed! http://www.salon.com/life/broadsheet/201...
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Trecia Trecia | 7 days ago
If I get medical insurance from my Limited Edition California Gay Wife then I will have to pay Federal Income Tax on the value of the policy because they do not recognize our marriage. Straight couples do NOT have to pay this. This is basically a Gay Tax that would cost me around $3,000 a year. Gays also can not receive each other's Social Security benefits. When my grandfather passed away my grandmother was able to receive his Social Security checks to live on in her old age. Gays do not have this luxury which straights have. Straights get to decide for themselves whether one person stays home or only works part time or whether both work outside the home. Whatever they decide they are each entitled to their benefits as well as their partners' benefits. If a gay person stays home and their partner dies first then they simply don't get anything. ANY right that is guaranteed to married people by the Federal Government is denied to gay couples. ONLY State rights are given to married gay couples and only when they are IN the state. Look up what rights are federally guaranteed to married couples and you will have a whole list of ways gays are all injured.
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Salal Salal
Same as Carl. Friend wasn't able to take care of hospital bills for her domestic partner even though it was her credit card they happily accepted the night her partner went to the ER. Later when there was a billing issue they refused to discuss it with her because they are not "legally married." Even the supervisor refused .I still think she should have sued. Whoever said domestic partnerships are the same doesn't have a clue as to what they're talking about. I know you need links so below is one. It's an article about 2 different couples that were denied visitation. Good luck with your research.
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Nichole Nichole
well my grandfather's girlfriend's daughter is a lesbian and she was unable to visit her long term girlfriend at a hospital because they had the intimidate family only policy.
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