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June 20, 2019 / By Rodge
Question: A drug co. claims that more than half of those using its new allergy drug have relief. In a study 108 of 202 subjects reported relief. At the .01 significance level, is the claim true that more than half of all those using the new drug experience relief?
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Micky Micky | 9 days ago
This appears to be a one-proportion z-test. If you have a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator, use the 1-PropZTest option, found under STAT --> TESTS. Simply enter 0.5 for p0, 108 for x, 202 for n, and select >p0. When you get the results, look at the p value. If the value is less than 0.01, than the claim is true. In this case, the p value is 0.1623, clearly greater than 0.01, so the claim is not true at the 0.01 significance level. To find the p value without the calculator's test option, use the formula z = (phat - p)/(square root of p(1 - p)/n) phat = 108/202 p = 0.5 n = 202 You should get a z value of about 0.985. Then, use a z-values table or the calculator's normalcdf function to find P(z < -1.75), you should get 0.1623, which is the p value. Hopefully this is the correct procedure. Good luck.
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You don't want to use Megastat for this - that would be strictly trial and error... You should know that a P% confidence interval is (usually) a number (z) of standard deviations above and below the mean: (μ-zσ,μ+zσ), so that the probability of landing in that interval is P% = Prob(μ-zσ
Micky Originally Answered: Questions on stats. need help?
certainty learn, they're actual extra valid -- in that the solutions require statements of certainty and grant a huge gamble to quote sources -- than a query like this, that's only a rely of very own selection. i think of that Y/A became initially meant to be a documents-based communicate board even though it has stepped forward right into a series of mini-blogs and op-ed products, particularly. i hit upon those forms of questions exciting and, particularly situations, theory-frightening. If I even have time i will do the study although that is relaxing to study the solutions after others have carried out the artwork.

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Jules Originally Answered: Can you solve this stats problem and explain it to me?
This is a question about central limit theorem. Basically what this says (in this context) is that if you performed the experiment of tossing 100 coins a large number of times, noting the number of heads in each case, then the distribution of results would approximate to the normal distribution. The binomial approximation is that the distribution will be normal with mean np and standard deviation of sqrt(np(1-p)) where n is the sample size and p is the probability. Given that n = 100 and p = 0.5, you can use a calculator such as this one: http://davidmlane.com/hyperstat/z_table.... to calculate that the approximate probability of tossing 60 or more heads is 0.02275.
Jules Originally Answered: Can you solve this stats problem and explain it to me?
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