How to say these foods in spanish?

How to say these foods in spanish? Topic: Homework apple
June 20, 2019 / By Ron
Question: -Cereal -Eggs -Ham and Cheese Sandwich -Sandwich -Bacon -Orange Juice -Milk -Apple Juice -Banana -Turkey -Spaghetti -Pizza -Cheese Lettuce Tomato Sandwich -Yogurt -Salad -Burgers Yes, its homework lol.
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Mo Mo | 1 day ago
Cereal Huevos sanwich del jamón y del queso sanwich tocino jugo de naranja leche hugo de manzana platano Turquía Espaguetis pizza sanwich del tomate de la lechuga del queso Yogur ensalada hamburguesas lol is this homework??
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Kane Kane
-Cereal- El cereal -Eggs-Huevos -Ham and Cheese Sandwich-Jamón y Queso Meten -Sandwich-Bocadillo -Bacon-Tocino -Orange Juice-Jugo de naranja -Milk-Leche -Apple Juice -Jugo de Manzana -Banana -Plátano -Turkey-Turquía -Spaghetti -los Espaguetis -Pizza-Pizza (that one was the hardest lol) -Cheese Lettuce Tomato Sandwich-Bocadillo de Tomate de Lechuga de Queso -Yogurt-Yogur -Salad-Ensalada -Burgers-Hamburguesas
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Havelock Havelock
-Cereal: Cereal (Seh-ree-ahl) -Eggs: Juevos (Who-eev-ohs) -Ham and Cheese Sandwich: Jámon y Queso Sándwich (hah-moan e khe-so sandwich) -Sandwich: Sándwich -Bacon: -Orange Juice: -Milk: Leche (leh-che) [he as in he sound from hey] -Apple Juice -Banana: Banana -Turkey: -Spaghetti: -Pizza: -Cheese Lettuce Tomato Sandwich -Yogurt: -Salad -Burgers
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Eliah Eliah
burger: hamberguesa pizza: pizza chese lettuce tomato sandwich: el sandwich con queso, lechuga, y tomate (por favor)(please) applejuice: jugo de manzana milk: leche sandwhich: sandwich (pronounced: sandweech) ham and cheese sandwich: el sandwich con queso y hamon cereal: cereal con leche (pronounced: cereAl) eggs: huevo
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Chadwick Chadwick
Cereal Huevos Sandwich de Jamón y Queso Sandwich Tocino Jugo de Naranja Leche Jugo de manzana Banano Pavo Espaguetti Pizza Sandwich de Queso, Lechuga y Tomate Yogurt Ensalada Hamburguesas
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