Which one should I go to?

Which one should I go to? Topic: Should i do my homework tonight
June 21, 2019 / By Royal
Question: Okay, so there are two events I kind of want to go to tonight, but of course, I can only pick one. These are the two events: 1) So I go to private school now, but I didn't during middle school. Most of my friends from public school are in a play this weekend and next weekend, and I said that I would go, and I really want to see it really badly, anyways. It is running tomorrow, but I want to use sunday for homework, and I can't go next weekend because I'll be going on a trip. 2) This girl I know is having a sweet 16. I know and like her, but I don't even know most of her friends. My mom said that she RSVPd for me, but I just found that out this morning. It is a formal type party, and people will have dates, and I don't have one. I was invited because I am in this group with her, and she just invited the whole group, but I am not close with anyone in the whole group, and I feel like I would feel left out during the party, but I know it also might be fun, and I might be surprised about the people that I know that will be there.... my parents really want me to go.... but I'm just not sure. I am already kinda tired..... I don't know what to do! They start around the same time..... which do you think I should do??
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Morgan Morgan | 3 days ago
Sweet sixteen defiantly! Your not going to be the only one without a date there trust me , you'll have so much fun! Good luck :)
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Keelan Keelan
I'd go to the sweet 16 cause if yall are actually friends then you should go, cause those usually mean a lot to the person throwing the party. But it sounds like u wanna go to the play more, whichever one is good but I, myself would choose the party
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