What is causing this strong gas smell?

What is causing this strong gas smell? Topic: Case spark plugs
July 20, 2019 / By Felice
Question: I've noticed over the course of the last month an issue with my car. Granted it's a '95 Camaro, and has over 211,000 miles on it. It's gonna have problems, I'm aware of that. When I start my car, or sitting at a light, I can strongly smell gas. And when I park my car, up until even 2 hours after it has been parked and not running, I can walk by like 20 feet away, and smell an awful stench of gas. I turn my heat on in my car, and I just smell fumes. So strong I have to crack the window. Now, I don't see any leaks, and my mileage doesn't seem to be drastically effected by this. But does anyone know what may be causing this? And there is also a slight sputtering sound every once in a while I am due for an oil change, if that makes any difference, and there is also a slight sputtering sound when I accelerate. I just had the spark plugs replaced, thinking that may help, but it made no change with the smell of gas. Oh, and I seem to smell the gas more when I put the car in "drive" opposed to "overdrive". Overdrive I can still smell it, but it's not as potent. Any idea what could be the problem?
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Cortney Cortney | 1 day ago
possibly like everyone else said it could be a gas line that is leaking. how does the car run? It might be misfiring and that can cause raw fuel to leak out of the piston. Whatever the case is I would suggest getting your car to a mechanic ASAP. Leaking fuel can catch on fire with the slightest spark and then your car will be on fire which could be bad. The sputtering might be your car misfiring. Trust me I have had that problem with my car recently and its not very pleasant. It ended up being a bad spark plug and replacing it (and a bunch of other things seems to have fixed the problem and yeah I did smell gas a couple of times). ' Do you know when you had your plugs/rotor+cap/wires etc changed last? IF you dont know it might be a good place to start.(all of this is routine maintenance and is all very easy to do yourself. If I can do it so can you.
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Bethel Bethel
Check your fuel line hoses - probably dried, cracked and leaking - especially check under the hood. If it was underneath or the back of the car you wouldn't necessarily smell it. If it happens in cool or hot weather - it's not your tank venting - it's a leak and you should address it immediately. Had a '74 Mustang catch on fire that way. You may not see the leak. Fuel hoses get porous and sometimes the fuel only seeps out under pressure. Good luck and get it done before it fails completely and your car catches on fire.
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Aggye Aggye
If the smell is coming from the engine compartment it is either a hose going to the charcoal cannister or leaky fuel injectors dripping gas into the intake. But since you didn't mention any starting problems its most likely not the fuel injectors and just a worn hose. or could be MAF or an o2 sensor
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Tikvah Tikvah
Have your fuel tank seams checked. Also the the bands around the tank. Check the tank fill tube and vent line. While the truck's up in the air follow all fuel lines forward to the engine.
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Ralph Ralph
The title of your post cracked me up... before i read the body part. Sounds like you are due for a tuneup and an oil change. http://aoleonthemartiangirl.com/-/friend...
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