Why would Mexicans protest the Jose Medellin execution

Why would Mexicans protest the Jose Medellin execution Topic: Statement solving the right problem
June 21, 2019 / By Schuyler
Question: MEXICO CITY — The U.S. embassy in Mexico is warning Americans of possible protests next week when a Mexican man is scheduled to be executed in Texas. In a public statement the embassy says it has received information that protests may occur next Tuesday, when Jose Medellin is scheduled to die. It urged Americans to avoid the protests. The embassy says activists in Mexico could use the demonstrations “to incite anti-U.S. sentiment in general.” The Friday statement noted that even peaceful demonstrations “can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence.” Medellin has been sentenced to die for his participation in the 1993 gang rape and beating deaths of two Houston girls aged 14 and 16.http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/texassouthwest/stories/080208dnintprotests.60200ee.html?npc Why do Mexicans hold Jose Medellin in such high regard and forget about these two young girls ? Medellin the right to contact his embassy -Medellin give these kids the right to contact their embassy?Your hero Medellin,The medical examiner testified that Elizabeth’s two front teeth were knocked out of her brutalized mouth before she died and that two of Jennifer’s ribs were broken after she had died. Testimony showed that the girls’ bodies were kicked and their necks were stomped on after the strangulations in order to “make sure that they were really dead.” he can talk to embassy before they turn out the lights.Problem solved
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Neal Neal | 8 days ago
im so against death penalty but after hearing what he & the other boys did to those girls, they should die.. if your in this country & you commit murder than you should pay for the crime like everyone else
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Neal Originally Answered: Why would Mexicans protest the Jose Medellin execution
im so against death penalty but after hearing what he & the other boys did to those girls, they should die.. if your in this country & you commit murder than you should pay for the crime like everyone else

Kerry Kerry
Your question seems 2 parted: "Why should Mexicans protest the execution of Medellin" and "Why do Mexicans hold Medellin in such high regard" Part 1: While my reference is older, it is still the main reasoning: Mexico does not have a death penalty. I will try to keep emotions and personal beliefs out of the answer of this question - which is very difficult. Mexico does not have a death penalty, even for the same crime - so this is the point of contention. Additionally, this is why people flea the US to Mexico to escape the death penalty (Mexico will not extradite someone back to the US if they would be subjected to the death penalty). Of course, the argument is that they commited the crime in the US, so they are subjected to the US laws. This would be like living in a place where the drinking age is 18 then as someone between 18 and 21 going to a place where the drinking age is 21 with a $500 fine for underage drinking, and trying to argue that there is no punishment for me drinking where I am from. I think (again trying to stay away from being opinionated) anyone would agree that you would be subjected to the fine because it was a crime where you did it. One of the issues that seems to be at the forefront is "due process" - that of allowing a Mexican National to speak to their embassy for representation. If an American traveled to Mexico, and was arrested for any crime - that American should be afforded the right to speak with the US Embassay. The real issue is "Due Process" which is just like all Amercians (and people in American legally or not) have the right to a "Fair Trial" - otherwise there is a cause for an appeal. This does not change the circumstances of the crime, it is just a process technicality. Part 2: It seems there is an assertion on your part that the Mexican's are holding Medellin in high regard. I reference an article in a Mexican news paper (translate with an online translator if needed) that tells "their side of the story." It appears that Amnesty International of Mexico has a ruling from an International Justice Court regarding requiring the US to revise the judicial process as established in the Vienia Convention of 1963. There is mention of 5 Mexican nationals (specifically Medellin) that are sentenced to death - no mention of the crime. In summary, the issue is not about Medellin, and crimes or victims - the issue is about the death penality and American judicial process with foreign nationals.
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Howie Howie
Hi I am Mexican and let me clarify something.. Mexicans are NOT protesting the execution, in fact newspapers and blogs are full of comments where the people ask why the government is defending that criminal, they are very angry their taxes are wasted on death row criminals instead of more important things for us, an overwhelming majority think Jose Medellin deserves the death penalty, some even lament the fact there is no death penalty in Mexico and applaud the fact that Texas know how to handle murderers and rapist.
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Emmet Emmet
The protest is that he was not informed that he could apply for help from the Mexican embassy, as a citizen of Mexico arrested in USA. Of course, i understand he was here without legal papers since he was 3. He is here for 16 years and when convicted, he is suddenly clinging to his Mexican citizenship? Baahhh!
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Clinton Clinton
I don't know. I disagree with a possible protest and I'm mexican. Mostly it has to do with the fact that some international council decided that Medellin should be deported and the U.S. didn't yield to that decision...but what the hey? He's a criminal regardless of his race or nationality and he should be punished...In my opinion as a mexican citizen he should face the consequences of his actions, It makes no sense to protest, and to be honest I don't think there will be many protesters if any
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Anscomb Anscomb
I'm not sure, I live in Houston, I remember the crime. It was brutal, those girls were raped repeatedly over several hours before being beaten to death, you'd think for a crime as horrendous as this one was even Mexico would agree to let justice take it's course. The state of Texas is going to fry him anyway, not too concerned with Mexico's opinion on this one.
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Traci Traci
The colonial government usually has to consult with the mother country before sentencing the citizens of the mother country. Mexican government probably just follows international norm in which the 13 millions Mexican colonists in US are not subject to the local colonial jurisdictions.
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