What might this hobby/activity be called?

What might this hobby/activity be called? Topic: What is a research paper called
June 19, 2019 / By Kory
Question: So, I was recently at a convention and saw someone doing the most peculiar thing. he had two pieces of wood which resembled two large s's which he was spinning them around while manipulating them in a smooth manner. He was passing out slips of paper with links to websites about it but i misplaced the slip in the midst of the excitement of the convention. I can't recall what he called the activity and had quite a interest in it, so might anyone know what I am looking for?
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Innocent Innocent | 6 days ago
Except for the S-shaped part, I'd think you might have seen someone manipulating "devil sticks" or something like them: https://www.google.com/search?q=devil+st... https://www.google.com/images?q=devil+st... But after doing a little research, I think what you might have seen is these bent variations on the straight sticks called Buugeng or S-Staff: https://www.google.com/images?q=Buugeng+... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySIvism2af8 https://www.google.com/search?q=Buugeng+S-Staff
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There are many varies hobbies. Learn an instrument, I learnt to play the electric guitar and love it, but it could be any instrument you have an interest for. It's something you can do at any time, by yourself or with others in a band and not computer related (as I also love the computer). Get a sports, I go surfing/skateboard but I'm active and a lot younger. There's a lot of sports out there and something like golf or bowling, etc, might interest him. Do a model, some people never give up the kid inside and still enjoy this. Whether it's gluing plastic airplanes, painting small models, building a train set, whatever. This can also be wood work or metal related stuff like building furniture or fixing up the car. But seriously, a hobby is something only he can choose and needs to be something your strongly interested in to stick with. Some people are tired from work so relaxing by watching tv or on the computer. Get him involved in what you do (father/daughter/son) activities might be a better option like asking for help with the homework, wantta go throw the ball with me, etc.
Innocent Originally Answered: A hobby for my father?
Su doku is a good suggestion, as would be the case for any mental activities. Although, to engage in such tasks all evening may become somewhat boring. Alternatively, if one is more interested in a hands-on, manual activity, many are available. Examples of such could be: model-making, cooking/baking, some form of art (i.e. painting, drawing, sculpting, etc). One could also indulge in reading, as many a good book can be found. In addition, creative writing might be a suggestion. Obviously, the aforementioned range of activities are of varying levels of commitment, as well as catching a variety of otherwise different interests. I hope this can be of help, in some way.
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Walk around your neighborhood with him. Talk, A LOT. When he asks you what you did today, don't just grunt or say "nothing". Tell him everything good and bad! Give him a hug. Do things together. Read the same book and then have a discussion. Ask him to tell you a story, then tell him a story. Have a laugh your head off party(I'm thinking... jokes!). And most of all, send off good vibes to him, so he doesn't feel bad! Have an "interview'' together. And don't forget your mom, too! :)
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These are some things the men in my family do: woodworking gardening gourmet cooking charcoal pencil drawing restoring old furniture metal working (super fun) and last but not least my husbands hobby - buy an old piece of junk car and restore it to its former beauty! Keeps hubby busy for many many hours. He loves it and had won several car shows.

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Definately not! I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and I would not be who I am now if I didn't! When plots, phrases, or ideas start swirling through my head it really helps to put them down, or to have a book you are working on that you can sit down and enjoy working on. Frankly I don't see how people can NOT write, it is so beneficial all-around. Keep going! Have fun!
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I have performed plenty of writing. At first for entertainment after which for cash. I am a well author and I have had plenty of matters released normally brief experiences. I used to jot down scripts for phone experiences and recommendation traces however that's very rough paintings. I do not do plenty now because the marketplace is closely diluted by means of loose stuff on the internet. I have a novella approximately simply being released with a purpose to be to be had on Lulu. I did belong to a writers organization while I lived in London however it used to be quite often social and somewhat motivational as you probably did think that you just have got to get some thing all the way down to learn to the organization. I have on no account taken any classes all of it simply come clearly. Oh and my nom-de-plume is John Silver
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If I stopped writing, I would bleed to death, whether I would try to be published or not. Writing is not always about publication; writing is about writing because we are writers. It is a lot like breathing. Keep being true to yourself. There is more to creating for oneself than is often realized. What you give to your writings can be made manifest a hundred or even a thousand-fold throughout your life. If you want to be published, this is good too, aside from the fact that it is also a bigfatpainintheneck! Well, anyway, I repeat myself when I say, "I am because I write--not because I get published."

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