Can all the music professionals give me some advice?

Can all the music professionals give me some advice? Topic: The sister studio
July 19, 2019 / By Ross
Question: I have been singing for a long time now and I wanted to take it a step further and move into the entertainment industry. I have always wanted to be a recording artist since I was young. There is this guy on Myspace that said he has an uncle who has a studio. He said he can take care of the expenses and will get me a vocal coach and certain gigs to perform at. He said we will go into the studio and do some beats and some songs. I am supposed to meet him next week with my sister. What do you guys think of this situation? What kind of questions should I be asking before I go? What do I need to look out for?
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Montmorency Montmorency | 8 days ago
Like the answer above be VERY CAUTIOUS. Ask what he gets out of it? Who will have the rights to the songs? I am in the same situation so just dont lose your values, tell a parent about this and let them know where you will be, save some cash for emergency and try to write your own songs and immediately copyright them. You are very lucky and must be quite talented ;) Good Luck ;)
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Keane Keane
First - you need to get the uncles name, address and phone number of his studio, and give him a call prior. (and double check these details with yellow pages!) If it's ok with the uncle to go to his studio next week, it should be ok with calling him today. Remember, the music business is just that.. a business. You are just being professional here. Second, if it turns out to be authentic, take someone older and wiser with you, just to have someone with you. A guy is good for this. If that person is savvy in the music business, all the better. But do not go anywhere alone!! Personally, I am questioning why this guy on myspace doesn't even really know you yet, but is willing to pay for so much. Please be careful.
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Heath Heath
Honestly I wouldn't go. There are a million ways that you can make it into the music business. If you absolutely feel the need to go, you should bring your parents with you. This whole thing feels really wrong. Has this guy even heard you sing in person? If he hasn't I would really think twice about this. No one (for the most part) wants to help someone that they have not heard in person. Really really think about this.
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Elimelech Elimelech
i would say be very careful, because now days this kind of thing just does happen that often..where someone will take care of everything with out you putting up some money first.....does he have any references that you can contact first before you meet with him....or any credits under his belt...does the studio have a name and is his uncle a licensed engineer .....please be careful
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