HELP! how can you teach yourself guitar easily??

HELP! how can you teach yourself guitar easily?? Topic: help you cover
July 20, 2019 / By Vic
Question: basically, i got a DVD, ive been to LOADS of websites on the tinternet but i just cant seem to learn guitar... i cant afford lessons and i have learnt the basic chords and canr read tabs,, but now i dont seem to be getting anywhere like playing songs or anything, it doesnt sound right when i try putting it together.... can anybody help? hmm okay btw i am 13 aand i get 7.50 a week, which is why i cant afford lessons, not coz i am paying for gas, but i wouldnt be able to afford weekly lessons that are usually like 20 pounds because i get less than half a week, and i cant get a job until i am 14 before you say that.
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Ross Ross | 7 days ago
pick out 2 songs you want to learn how to play and practice them for a week. pick out 2 more songs and practice them for a week. go back to the first 2 songs and try them again playing all 4 songs for a week. pick out 2 more songs and play them for a week. now you have 6 songs some of which you may actually be able to play pretty good. just keep practicing rotating old and new material all the time, take a week off now and then but never quit. get chords and tabs off internet, check out free lessons on youtube, cheap group guitar lessons may be available through continuing education programs or adult community education through local school district. take intermediate classes and meet other guitarist wannabees. go to local singer songwriters night for inspiration and to meet other guitarists, ask questions, if you are able to eventually afford lessons take them, even 2 or 3 lessons would probably help you out. check the "for dummy's" books the "for idiots" books" and the "everything" books. do not waste your money on a book that has hundreds of chords in it. you won't use it. make a list of the songs you would like to learn and keep adding to the list *** listen to different versions of the songs you are trying to learn, find cover versions on youtube, listen to live performances of it as well as the studio versions, UNDERSTAND that you DO NOT have to sound exactly like the record.
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Ross Originally Answered: How can I self teach myself guitar?
You'll get nowhere, "picking up the guitar". You need to be prepared to take a lot of time and spend a lot of effort learning how to play: learning the basics first and the, over several years, becoming a person who can "play the guitar". Lots of people "pick up the guitar", mess about and waste time with it for a few hours (or even days), find they can't play it and put it down again. Like you, they do this several times - always with the same results. You need to be realistic. Music might be a "passion" of yours but learning to play guitar obviously isn't or else you would have made a serious, long-term effort to learn to play it, it wouldn't be in its case and you wouldn't be posting questions here, basically asking people "how to learn to play guitar". If you are serious about learning, a qualified teacher is definitely your best bet. However, I speek as a person who is self taught: I learnt from books in the 1970s. You need a good beginners' book and you need to work through ot methodically - NOT missing out anything that's difficult (learning to play an instrument IS difficult). Using the internet is not something I'd recommend for a beginner. Ther is a site called (I think) justinguitar, which is one of the better ones but, to me, a book is still better. You MUST have somthing with a structure - learning things at random is a complete waste of time. Remember also that "practicing" serves NO purpose unless you are practicing the right things in the right way. Tommy has, as usual, given a great answer but I think that ther is also something in what John says. If you REALLY want to learn to play, you accept the frustration and the difficulties. Good luck.

Montmorency Montmorency
Figure out how to perform the guitar from your own home with the Jamorama online program for guitar that you will believe it is here https://tr.im/uOiju One of many intriguing and helpful presenting that you will find in the Jamorama course could be the "Jam Songs ".As you go through the lessons, they provide you with sheet music to a tune, and then 2 music trails to go with the song. The 1st sound track could have the guitar part in it (so you are able to hear how it's supposed to sound), and the other sound track gets the track with the guitar eliminated (so you can enjoy with yourself!) They coordinate the Jam Songs in a very clear to see manner. Jam Paths is one among the countless things from Jamorama that can make understanding the guitar simple actually for the beginners (especially if you don't have a guitar instructor there to assist you once you produce mistakes).
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Keane Keane
Try jamorama. I'm learning too and thats what I'm using. I can't follow DVDs at all but jamorama teaches you chords and strum patterns and has small video clips so you can see if you're playing properly.
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Heath Heath
How do you afford the clothes you are wearing or the food you are eating? You've got money, you're just choosing to spend it on other stuff like rent and gas. You might need to save up for just a few lessons to get you started and THEN you can rely on the books and DVD's to get you the rest of the way. Do you really want this? Who cuts your hair? I cut my own hair and save! Do you have magazine subscriptions or food? Stop buying all that and get yourself a good guitar teacher!! You'll have plenty of time for food later when you are happy making music with your guitar. There are plenty of videos for FREE on You-Tube.
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Elimelech Elimelech
Buy an instuctional guide at a music shop. I tought myself a few years back and thats all i used; wasn't that hard at all. Best answer please! :)
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Chas Chas
mess around with it and you will eventually hear something you like and you will just pick up from there
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Chas Originally Answered: Teach myself guitar?Help please?
the strings on the guitar are E (below middle C) A, D, G, B, E that's two octaves. every space between the divider looking things are called frets. the dots on most guitars...the first one is 3rd fret, then 5th, 7th, 9th, and the one with two on there is the 12th. the 12th is the note of the string you are on, except an octave higher. then it continues to the 15th and 17th. get a chord book. learn open chords first....they are most commonly used and the easiest to learn. going by a book is easy at first...but then it gets hard to figure out what they're trying to say. there's only so much you can get across by mere words. after you know a good number of chords, get a guitar tab book of whatever music you like. my first book was a Green Day tab book...which was good for me b/c they use a lot of strong chords in their playing. try not to a get a guitar tab book with a lot of picking for the start. guitar tab books teach you how to read the tabs at the back of the book, usually. then just start playing. you'll have some chords that you already know...and as you're learning a song you like...you'll be learning more. Here's a site with tabs....(you can learn how to read tabs on the site) www.ultimate-guitar.com I would start with Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). It has a good mix of picking and strumming, and it's a great song! Here's another site: www.justinguitar.com. It has great video lessons. your description of the guitar tells me pretty much that it's baby one. am i right? start with the one that you have, but look at other ones while you're at it. find someone that you know to help you out. only you will know what guitar is good for you. play with other ones to get the sound and feel. whatever you're comfortable with.

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