People, i really need some advice about school.I'm thinking of dropping out.Can you give any Suggestions?

People, i really need some advice about school.I'm thinking of dropping out.Can you give any Suggestions? Topic: Free diploma papers
June 26, 2019 / By Aaron
Question: Alright, i am a senior in high school, and I'm WAY behind on credits. I mean i need 27 credits and right now i only have 17 I don't know what to do..I haven't gone to school for 2 weeks because i feel like its pointless to go because i feel like i wont graduate. I'm really depressed about it. Please some honest nice answers. I'm really considering dropping out...but i dont think it will help my future..so please give suggestions
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Best Answers: People, i really need some advice about school.I'm thinking of dropping out.Can you give any Suggestions?

Sheryl Sheryl | 1 day ago
Well, the good thing is, you obviously care about your future since you're worried about it. It's much easier to coach people like you than people who have no motivation whatsoever. Here's what I would do: Take as many 1.0 credit classes next semester as you can. If you take 5 classes, for example, you already have 5 credits and your total will go up to 22. If possible, take even 6 classes next semester. How do you do this? Especially if your school is on a schedule where there's only 4 classes a day? Some states offer virtual schools that are free to the state's residents. They are especially useful for people like you who need extra credits. So go to your guidance counselor tomorrow and ask her about it. If there is no virtual school offered in your state, ask your parents, etc to enroll you in an online school like keystone national high school. The catch is, it charges $375 per course if you take it with the online software or $275 per course if it's the typical paper and pencil method with communicating with your teacher by phone or email. Either way, you have an option. Once you get those credits out of the way you still need 5 more. Take some classes during the summer either online or at a college or a school that offers them. Then you'll have a total of 27. Or....... Ask your guidance counselor if you can finish the school year with not enough credits but take the GED test and still get your high school diploma. I'm not sure about this, but it might work. Whatever you do, don't drop out. You're feeling helpless and desperate because you don't have a clear path. You don't have a plan. Once you're motivated to get those credits and to get that diploma you can finall make a plan (either taking online classes or getting the GED) and get this nightmare over with. Keep going to school, whatever you do!!! You're not helping yourself by skipping for 2 weeks. The last resort is repeating 12th grade. I know it sounds bad, but think about it. All you need is 10 credits if you finish this school year with 17 credits, and it will be pretty easy to accomplish. Anyways, good luck!! Talk with your guidance counselor, as he/she will be able to give you specific feedback.
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Perdita Perdita
I would really suggest speaking to a school counselor. They would know about any alternative programs that the school may have in place to help students who are missing needed credits. At the high school where I am employed, we have a credit recovery program, an extended day program, and there are even some courses available on-line. While you will most likely have to come back for a fifth year, your counselor would still be able to tell you if there is still a way to make it to graduation. What is more important however, is your attitude. It's true that you are in a tough spot, however if you decide to stick it out you have to just admit that you have quite a challenge ahead of you and look forward. It will not benefit you to continue dwelling on your lack of credits. Should you decide to work towards recovering your credits or working towards a GED it is going to take commitment and hard work. Skipping school can no longer be an option. Bottom line is that no matter which way you cut it, you are the one who has to get the work done. If you are up to the challenge, good for you.
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Marla Marla
Hi, not everyone will excel academically - its a fact of life. Skipping school and do nothing about it, however, will not help you either. In some countries they have apprenticeship programs for students who decide to quit school after year 10. They will go to technical college and gain a skill (carpentry, plumbing etc) where they go to school then to working place few days a week. Not sure how it is in your country, but like suggested by others - talking to your student councillor is the first step you must take. While you there - attend your classes as well....
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Krysten Krysten
You need to go to a school counselor and try to work out a plan to graduate, maybe summer school if necessary. Absolutely do not drop out even if you have to go an extra year. You will never be able to get a decent job, and college will be out of the question, or even a trade school. I'm assuming you don't have the best grades; so maybe college is out of the question, but you could go to a technical school for HVAC, auto repair, or something that interests you. It will be hard to get into any school without a high school degree. Please, please stay in school!!!
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Jeannine Jeannine
I am a mom teacher and Wife and i've felt like you before like you think you just want to give up but if you give up then what are you going to accomplish in life do you want to start a family or get married some day? If you don't have a proper education or a good paying job what are you going to tell your children?!
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Jeannine Originally Answered: Thinking of dropping out of highschool *read to understand*?
My heart goes out to U. I have a younger sister that had trouble being on time for her job -- it was a good job and she didn't want to loose it -- but she just wasn't a morning person. Thank God they let her do "flex time" which meant she could go in late (around 10:00am instead of 8:00 am) and then she just stayed until her work was done at 6 or 7. She was lucky to have such an understanding work place. That would be harder to do with school -- unless U home school. That would solve your problem I think, but U do have to be self motivated when U R awake. There is a lot of help out there for that if U choose that path. Since the economy is the way it is, a high school diploma is a must. My husband got his GED because he dropped out of school too soon (he was bored) He had to have the GED in order to go to mechanics school. U do not say what your hobbies or other interests are. I was blessed in that I always had jobs that I was interested in (photography & teaching) but because I did not complete my collage degree I can only sub instead of be a regular teacher. The photo lab tech job dissolved due to computer programs taking over what I did there. [ I was a retoucher ] The health care industry would allow U more flexibility hour-wise than a lot of other jobs. Do some soul searching about what U want to do for a living, and then go from there. I agree with U that some school counselors are not very helpful, but do not give up. Look for help from other adults that U admire. Is there someone in your neighborhood, or a relative that U admire that would take the time to help U. Check out local librarians -- the are usually helpful. The only other thing I can add is for U to take care of yourself by eating well and getting more exercise. I get depressed very easily if I do not walk or get outside every day. Being cooped up in buildings all day long is bad for us. Cooking real food instead of "fast food" is very important. Please take care of yourself and good luck.

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