To all you amazing pilots out there?

To all you amazing pilots out there? Topic: How to write a smart goals
July 19, 2019 / By Methusael
Question: I am very smart, not bragging, just providing info. I am in all Honors classes at my high school, have a 4.5-6 GPA and am really interested in pursuing the career of pilot. I am just wondering what to consider doing to better my chances of achieveing this goal.
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Joshawa Joshawa | 7 days ago
Start now! Take flying lessons to get your private pilot's license. Also, save your money! Lessons are expensive; about $200/lesson, and you need quite a few of them. See if there are any programs in your city to help out. My high school had a magnet program for pilots, or try CAP (Civil Air Patrol) or even a Venture Scout Crew (through the Boy Scouts, but it's co-ed) that may have a focus on flying. Learn all you can about planes. Read books, watch videos. Also start studying for your written exam. You can take a class for that, or you can buy books and do it on your own. Always keep your goal in mind. No matter how hard it is, just remember that one day YOU WILL BE A PILOT!!! And have fun! That's the most important thing! If you don't have fun with it, it's pointless! Good luck, and feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions!
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Joshawa Originally Answered: Why do people ask how they can be come pilots SO often?
Because they're either too lazy or too stupid to look it up themselves. That's true for about 95% of the people asking questions on Yahoo. Even dumber is choosing a completely wrong answer as best.
Joshawa Originally Answered: Why do people ask how they can be come pilots SO often?
lmfao, I dont know. I guess because they think its "lucritive" or an exciting career. I used to be a Flight Attendant, and have flown a cessna a few times (a few hours). I guess its because its a different type of education then most careers (ie. you have to get hours in a plane). Just for anyone else reading this - being a pilot/FA is fun when your young. But once you have a family it will probobly make you miserable alot of the time, as you will be away from them ATLEAST half the month, and will be spending lonely nights in a hotel up to 4 days in a row. Getting your private pilots liscence can be fun though. I take it that the person asking this is a pilot. Are you a captain or a FO and do you enjoy it? Just curious @DM IF you have really good vision, and know your stuff about the different planes that the Air Force uses then go for it!!! I know the Air Force requirements are stricter then any other military branch right now, and theres a lot of people going into it to become a pilot, so you got to "beat them to there game". Know everything about flying/planes before u get tested for job placement, since its like a one shot kinda deal.
Joshawa Originally Answered: Why do people ask how they can be come pilots SO often?
It's the same in the automotive section. There's dozens of questions weekly with one of 3 premises usually. 1. How do I import a Nissan Skyline, I live in XX State. 2. How do I make my car faster? 3. What kind of HID kit do I need for my car? These are all questions that get asked nearly daily and nobody can search for past answers it seems like or even do a google search. Some people, I'm guessing the younger types, are just too lazy to do their own research.

Hanoch Hanoch
Get a 4-year degree with emphasis on science, electronics, physics or math and join the Navy, USAF or USMC after being guaranteed a slot for flight training.
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Hanoch Originally Answered: Does a college or university offer a pilots license?
Some colleges offer a flight training program, some of which might even offer an aviation degree. But the actual LICENSE comes from one place only: The FAA in Oklahoma. No one else can issue a license (properly called a pilot certificate). You can obtain a pilot certificate in rotary aircraft in one of three basic ways: 1. Go to an airport that has a flight school which includes rotary in their flight training program. 2. Go to a community college or university with an aviation program that includes helicopter training. 3. Join the military and get your training there...the most difficult and un-guaranteed path unless you are Mr. Straight A Student. No matter which road you take, you are still going to attend a pilot "school" or formal flight and ground training. When you've completed the coursework and your instructors think you are ready, they will schedule you take a Private Pilot written exam, and if you pass that, you take the Practical exam, which is a checkride with an FAA Examiner.
Hanoch Originally Answered: Does a college or university offer a pilots license?
CPL needs practical instructions in real aircraft(solo hours, instrument and multi engine ratings etc.). How can you be a pilot studying lecture notes? I really don't know a civilian college gives a CP license.

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