What are some topics that have to do with agriculture?

What are some topics that have to do with agriculture? Topic: Tourism essays
July 20, 2019 / By Gale
Question: i have to do an essay that has to do with agriculture. what are some topics that have to do with agriculture? what would be a topic that u can find plenty of information on and a topic that wouldn't be to hard to write an essay on?
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Derby Derby | 3 days ago
i've done speeches on: - effects of hormone use in the beef and dairy industry (you'll find the most info regarding the dairy industry) - grass fed v. grain fed beef - agro-tourism - urban sprawl issues (developing what was once farm land into urban/suburban communities) you'll find alot of info on any of these sources
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Derby Originally Answered: Benefits of Agriculture?
Variety and surpluses in agriculture promote trade and encourage population growth, respectively. Surpluses encourage population because once someone produces enough to support multiple people, these other people can produce other things to build, and also to use in trade. Variety encourages trade because if three farmers produce three different crops, each of the three farmers can have the corps the other farmers produce through trade. Also, the people the farmers support can produce other goods to trade for food.
Derby Originally Answered: Benefits of Agriculture?
Agriculture allows the development of cities, nations, and ultimately industry and leisure. Hunting and gathering societies don't have any of the above - they can't. But once somebody plants crops they they have to stick around and tend them, harvest them, store them, and prepare for next year's crop. That means staying in one place. Then if you raise a little extra, you trade it to somebody for a service or equipment like a horse or a plow or even just a better shovel than the one you're using. That leads to trades. A good blacksmith trades his work for food instead of raising it himself. The next step is trade centers or towns. Then, if the farmers and ranchers can supply enough food, the town population can grow. Eventually you end up with what's going on today in most of the world - relatively few highly productive farmers are supplying millions of people with food. At that point a leisure society develops where the focus is on recreation. And then it collapses and starts over. The world has never quite been to the level it is now, and when the cycle changes it's going to be ugly, but that's what agriculture does - allow the creation of urban centers and leisure societies.
Derby Originally Answered: Benefits of Agriculture?
Not only are crops food for us but they are also food for the wildlife and a buffer zone between the woods and the roads. AG lands have so many beneficial aspects for the wildlife. Good Luck on your report.

Benjamin Benjamin
I did one on genetic manipulated food, I highly recommend thoroughly research and writing with blood, heat and pressure.
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Benjamin Originally Answered: The US Department of Agriculture was formed to:?
D is the answer for 1862 President Abe Lincoln founded the USDA in 1862, to introduce new and better techniques and products (machinery, crop and animal species) to farmers. Farmers made up over 10% of workers back then. Today it's only ~1%. However today the USDA oversees many more aspects. Food exports, protection of farmers, nutrition for children in schools, food inspection and saftey, research, enhancement of new crop and animal species. There are several branches USDA-ARS (Agriculture and Research Service) USDA-APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) USDA-FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Sevice) EPA prior to 1971, now part of Dept. of HHS DOE (Department of Energy)
Benjamin Originally Answered: The US Department of Agriculture was formed to:?
D> and more, part a, and b too, -----during WWI1, the dept rose in power due shortages..it is considered today to subsidy farms as a national security item...more so, to regulate such as soil conservation, the national forest service were founded....there are books and massive literature on USDA founding due to its role in the development of America was the most important agency up to WW11and only the Pentagon building was larger

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