Could you give me a little advice? What do you think so far?

Could you give me a little advice? What do you think so far? Topic: How to write a circle of fifths
June 16, 2019 / By Cimone
Question: Nothing has happened, but what do you think about the over-all writing so far? I really would like help, but I'd prefer nobody's rude about it. Thank you guys. * “Why are you here, do you think?” “I, ah. I don’t really know,” I said pushing out a nervous breath. “How have you been feeling lately?” It was a simple question, but still not one I could answer. How had I been feeling? Alone, lost, unreal? I opened and closed my mouth. Unreal, I tested mentally. No, now that, I’m afraid, would make me seem truly insane. “Well... Like a teenager, I suppose.” I paused. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt younger.” “And what do you mean by that?” The doctor asked me, her eyes stone behind rimless glasses. “I mean, I feel like my mom doesn’t ‘understand’. I can never make up my mind about anything. I feel like my life is meaningless. I feel like school is meaningless. I feel like...” Darn it. I had another one. Where is it now that I’m talking? That always happens to me. I know what I’m thinking. It’s plain and simple and clear and well thought out, up until I try to voice it. Realizing my elongated pause, I quickly spat, “ I’m not real.” Shi t. Her eyebrows rose. “What do you mean?” I hated the way she spoke so clearly, sounding as if she knew she were so much more intelligent, and being so comforted by this fact, she could humor me with my childish “problems”. I glanced at the clock, but didn’t look away. “It’s just an hour long session, Katrina. I promise it will be over before you know it,” My mother had said, her long auburn hair flapping out the open car window like children waving goodbye to their teachers from the bus windows on the last day of school, thousands of little fingers waving through the air. “She’s a great doctor. And if you decide you don’t want to go back, I won’t make you.” I could hear her swallow that promise, regretting the words the moment they hit her tongue. I watched the second hand slowly pace its way around the circle. Twelve, one, two, three, four, five. It moved slowly, exaggeratedly. As if it had to work so very hard to make it’s way back to the twelve. As if it were tired of repeating itself again, and again, and again, with nothing else to look forward to, except, perhaps, the end of time. “Katrina?” My eyes shot to the doctor. “What?” “I asked you what you meant by that. You said you don’t feel real.” “I- I don’t know. I just... say things.” I'm considering it. This is all I have written. I just started writing on a whim. Thank you for the idea, but I don't believe in filtering my writing. Besides, I'm fifteen. There's no way it would even be published anyway. (:
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Best Answers: Could you give me a little advice? What do you think so far?

Bab Bab | 3 days ago
Great start of a story!!! Keep writing. The swear word could be replaced if you are planning to give this story to kids......
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